International Ministries

Preparing for the harvest

November 3, 2008 Journal

Dear Partners in Ministry,


Wow!  We can’t believe it is the end of another month.  The short season rice is ready for harvest and our neighbors are out getting in the corn, seemingly warming up for the rice harvest.


Thank you for your prayers.  At the beginning of the month we wondered if we would get it all done – and we did!  God both enabled and empowered.


Your Life, My life

The visiting team helped with a small English camp with our 10th and 11th grade students.  One day we had more teachers than students but we all had a good time looking at our lives.  Food was made, stories were shared and at the end of it, the 11th grade students wanted to find out more about ‘choosing God.’   Larry will use part of his lesson time on Saturdays to teach them about this very important truth.

New Ministry, New Dangers

Glenys, a physical therapist, came and spent a day with four families and amazed us all with what she did with the kids, helping parents see the potential in their children.  We are convinced she has at least four hands as copying her is extremely difficult with only two.  We continue to visit and encourage these families and have had opportunities to share with some of the parents about Jesus.

Jan has been spending time with the kids and is now determined not to get ‘dressed up’ for the event. Some of these kids don’t wear diapers and they all seem to dribble!


Help wanted

The Ban Sra fellowship continues to challenge us as we encourage them to share in the teaching and leadership.   We spent time in preparation with one of the ladies who is illiterate.  How do you jot down the main points if the person can neither read nor write?  Next time we will try drawing some symbols.  Any ideas?


Thank you for your continued commitment to travel this journey with us.  May you know God’s real presence in your journey.


In the bonds of Christian love,


Jan and Larry


Prayer and praise points.


Praise God for the new level of understanding of the high school kids.

Pray that that might grow into a desire for a relationship with Jesus.

Pray for suitable relaxed time slots to spend with them.


Praise God for the Smith’s safe arrival in Thailand.

Pray for them as they start Language school in Chiang Mai.

Pray too for the work permit process -- we will start the process soon.


Praise God for Glenys and her visit.

Praise God for new relationships.

Pray for improvement in the children and that the families will see God’s care and compassion through our involvement.


Praise God for the fellowship at Ban Sra and for the increased willingness to be involved.

Pray for wisdom in getting around the literacy issues.


Up and coming events

Nov 1- 11  The Smiths will be here with us looking for a house and doing work permit stuff – then back to Chiang Mai for Language study.


Nov 3  Meetings in Chiang Mai.

Nov 6-7  Education Fair in Nan  - A chance to spend time with teachers as we help man a booth.


The rest of the month we’ll be teaching in schools at home and at Ban Sra, running ‘Sunday Fundays’ with our English students, visiting and doing a little farming