International Ministries

Patti and Tim Long

November 11, 2008 PrayerCall
Tim and Patti minister in Mexico in leadership training by the Baja Baptist Convention, Dios Con Nosotros (God With Us). They help in the acculturation process of the many people who relocate to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico from other areas in Mexico.

Tim writes: What a busy, tense and emotional time we have experienced the last few weeks!  And it appears that there will not be much letup in the next weeks.
•    Pray for God’s protection. We covet your continued thoughts and prayers as the violence (mainly killings and kidnappings for ransom) due to the drug turf wars continues unabated, especially in and around Tijuana.  We'll not enter into details here, but, please know that we continue our ministries in Baja, Mexico and do so taking necessary precautionary measures.  The churches with which we work continue their witness in the midst of a climate of fear.  And we are privileged to join with them as we all witness to the good news of life, hope and peace through Christ Jesus, and this not a message for the future, rather for the here and now.   
•    Pray for Pastor Tec and his family.  Pastor Tec was a longtime pastor of the churches with which we work in Baja.  A few years ago he retired from his church in Tijuana and began a church planting ministry in San Diego.  He continued living in Tijuana while crossing the border each day to work and minister in the US.  Some of you have heard about his ordeal.  He was kidnapped a couple of weeks ago and finally 'released' after 10 days.  He suffered greatly during those ten days and thankfully was found in time after being dumped and left for dead by the kidnappers.  He is now recuperating in a hospital in the US.