International Ministries

Doris and Ricardo Mayol

October 28, 2008 PrayerCall
TMayolrichree years ago the Baptist Seminary of Mexico approved the opening of its first regional center in Chiapas, the Mayan Intercultural Seminary, to put it to the service of the native Tzotziles and Tzeltales Mayan people and of the evangelical world in general. Professors Doris and Ricardo have the privilege to serve as leaders of this project. Currently Doris and Ricardo are on U.S./Puerto Rico assignment.
Doris writes: Recently, I spoke to Dalia, one of our team workers back at Chiapas about how things are going on. She told me, “You know how it is… lots of work! People are coming to partake of the programs of the seminary – women, youth and leaders. Many ask us to preach and to give bible studies. Too much work!” Dalia’s words gave me the affirmation that the Spirit is in charge of everything and that God continues to move precious people to embrace us all.

In this doing of the Lord we are very grateful for the team back at Chiapas: Dalia, Maria del Carmen, Leopoldo, Eleazar, and Mariano, but especially for Carlos and Ramona Shawver (see Prayer Call of October 19, 2008), missionaries with American Baptist International Ministries.

Get the idea of this: we are leaving for our year of home assignment and we had a hard time finding someone to coordinate the work. The ministry at the seminary of Chiapas is new, yet with a complexity of its own due to the diversity of its many participants, the context where we serve, the type of themes we work and the integration of the different programs. While we were looking for the “right person,” the Shawvers returned to work in theological education by extension, working with all the regions where the seminary has a presence (of course this includes Chiapas!).

Wow!!! We saw immediately the pairing and after a couple of talks we all agreed that they would be filling in for us at Chiapas for this year! Our hearts filled with joy for we knew the Lord was responding our prayers.
•    So, continue praying for all the people touched (and those who will be) by the ministry of the Intercultural Mayan Seminary at Chiapas. Carlos will coordinate all the work at the seminary, will visit indigenous communities to promote the education program and will also be teaching. Ramona will teach English, will give a hand with the administration of the academic office and when possible accompany the Mayan women in the solidarity economy ministry.
•    Pray for the work of these companions and their willingness to be where the Lord needs them!
•    As we start this year of mission education, don’t forget to keep us in prayer too. Pray that God use us in our sharing of the many things the Lord is doing.
•    Pray that we might be able to provide a glimpse of the amazing people of God at the frontiers of God’s kingdom and with it, may the Spirit open new ways for God’s miracles within your midst.
•    Pray also for our finances and that God may open the hearts to help us meet the needs of this amazing ministry at Chiapas.