International Ministries

Annie and Jeff Dieselberg

October 13, 2008 PrayerCall
DieselbergjefAnnie and Jeff Dieselberg serve in Bangkok, Thailand, a bustling metropolis of more than 10 million people. Annie works with NightLight Design Co. Ltd., a business-as-mission, which employs and empowers women affected by the sex trade in Bangkok. Jeff teaches urban ministry with a team of Thai pastors at three Bangkok seminaries and is a chaplain at NightLight.
Annie writes: At a time when it feels like the world is in chaos we are so grateful for the prayers that you send which sustain us, protect us, guide us, and bring significant breakthroughs. The protests in Bangkok and the economic struggles globally are unsettling but we cling to the promises of God who is wiser and ultimately in control. We have been affected as many of you have but rejoice in God's continual blessings and provision.
•    Our NightLight foundation status is official. Praise God! We are now able to legally operate as both NightLight Design Co. Ltd and NightLight Ministry. Its been a three year process.
•    We have been able to accept three new women into NightLight as well as two who are returning to us. One of the younger women had been required to take 5 men a night in the bar and it is such a relief to have her back receiving healing.  This brings us to 78 women employed.
•    Three women have accepted Christ in the last couple weeks. All three of them had wanted to for a long time but felt held back. They finally chose to break though and rejoicing in this step of faith.
•    We have around 14-15 children ages 4 months to 14 years at our child care center during this school break. It is so wonderful to have these kids well cared for and safe.

Prayer Requests
•    We have been under incredible spiritual attacks lately. Pray for wisdom and discernment and protection of staff, volunteers, women, families, the business, the reputation and the finances.
•    Please pray for discernment in cases of several women needing urgent deliverance ministry, that God will reveal to us the best strategies for breakthrough. Pray also that the other women are not negatively affected but will see an example of breakthrough and freedom.
•    Pray for our finance and accounting department. Pray especially for our chief accountant who is really burdened these days. Pray for God to send a mature Thai Christian who is skilled in these areas of accounting and able to train others as well.
•    Pray for the fundraising of the second building which is in the red light center. Those funds will need to be in by the end of November.
•    Please pray for an increase of jewelry orders. Orders have been down with economic hardships and the women have too much idle time. Plus there are more women needing jobs but we are not able to provide them unless there is more work.