International Ministries

Terry and Tom Myers

October 7, 2008 PrayerCall

Terry and Tom minister in Bulgaria. Tom and our partners in Bulgaria are developing ways to help families by creating long-term solutions to the problems of unemployment, while ministering to the families' immediate needs.

Terry is involved in teaching English to a group of teenage orphans and is also involved in developing markets for handicrafts made by the women of the Baptist churches. She also assists with networking between local churches in the Baptist Union of Bulgaria and ABCUSA churches.

They write: One of the issues we face in Bulgaria is a very deep distrust of evangelical Christians by many Bulgarians.  Evangelicals (in this context meaning Protestant denominations, which make up less than 1% of the population of the country) are viewed as a sect or cult, and many Bulgarians are cautious of any sort of interaction with such people. This myth was started under communism, when any religious activity was prohibited, and is perpetuated yet today by the official religious entity in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.
We believe that the most important ministry a visiting American mission team can have in Bulgaria is to demonstrate by their words and actions that evangelicals are not a scary sect, but are actually normal people, trying to live out God’s Word in their everyday lives.  This happens through relationship-building-- when the team works alongside their Bulgarian evangelical brothers and sisters, showing Christ’s love to a community, and helping, little by little, to break down the walls which divide evangelicals from the rest of the population.
Through the relationships formed between a team of six of God’s people from three American Baptist churches in Colorado and Wyoming, that wall of fear and prejudice against evangelicals began to crumble after only a week of ministry in a small Baptist church in Guliantsi and a little preschool in a tiny town in Bulgaria.  That’s a surprising impact that will live on long after the team has returned home!

Pray for:
?    The children in Guliantsi who attended the VBS.
?    The parents and staff at the kindergarten in Guliantsi.
?    Pastor Ivan and his family as they minister in the Baptist church in Guliantsi.
?    The many children in orphanages around Bulgaria.
?    Tom and Terry and their children Andrew (AJ) (15) and Nathan (13) as they minister and live in Bulgaria.