International Ministries

His disciples (Part 2)

September 29, 2008 Journal

“How is the fragrance of your perfume?” and “Where is David’s hope?” were the titles of their two sermons in their Homiletics class. She is the youngest of her siblings, he is the first boy but third in line of four. From his childhood he knew he had been chosen for His service, and from her youth she felt called to missions. They both were seeking beyond what they were already learning in their respective churches, they wanted to know for themselves. She came decided to prepare for ministry, and he had asked the Lord to show him the way in a specific decision that month. They met on their first day of Institute classes almost three years ago now… Little did they know how their lives were going to be intertwined when they met, how they would accompany each other in their discipleship process…

Dsc_0113_ulijenThis December they both will complete a phase in their studies as they graduate their Diploma of Theology. Ulises and Jennifer have been diligent in studying, researching, and learning. They both work during the week and dedicate each Saturday to their studies. They both are leaders in their home churches in Santiago: she is worship and small group leader at Christ King Baptist Church and he is youth counselor and board member at New The Redeemer Baptist Church. As they reflected on John 12:1-8 (Jennifer) and Psalm 62 (Ulises) they both took it at heart to connect their home church responsibilities, their personal lives, and the text. Ulises connecting his faith and hope as he has struggled through his sister Margarita’s recent illness (she is also his pastor), and Jennifer connecting her attitudes as she leads worship and the small groups with how the woman gave her all to Jesus, even being on her knees. It was very moving and challenging and rewarding to receive the Word from these two thriving disciples. Our prayers are for them as they complete their studies and move on to more challenging ground as they discern where the Lord will lead them next. We have been blessed with their active participation in class and their commitment to serving the Lord which is both refreshing and challenging.

On our next journals we will continue introducing you to more surprising people who are preparing for ministry and are following Jesus. Look forward to Part 3 of our series on “His disciples”. They came, they are growing, and they are changing… their lives and that of those around them.

Together pressing toward the goal,

Mayra for the Bonilla-Giovanetti family