International Ministries

Ketley and Vital Pierre

September 23, 2008 PrayerCall
Ketley and Vital work on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua to strengthen local churches and encourage existing churches to plant new ones. One way they do this is by leading and coordinating seminars and workshops. Through these sessions, pastors and leaders of local congregations learn how to strengthen the ministries of their churches. The Pierres' ministry is a holistic, "hands on" endeavor in which they walk and work alongside local people, building relationships as well as work with people in local churches to educate against drug abuse and drug trafficking. They also pastor Bethel Baptist Church, a congregation which they planted in Bluefields.

They write: God continues to amaze us with His miracles! As you know, dealing with the government as well as the utility departments in Nicaragua can be a long, long, long, (get the point?) and frustrating process. Vital had tried for months to get power to the building site in Kukra Hill. They were at the point that they desperately needed power so that they might start welding the roof structure in place. After many broken promises, Vital had had it! He packed up a suitcase walked into the power utility office and proclaimed that he was moving in and would be there (in the office) until power was brought to the building site! Amazingly, things started to happen and power was brought to the site within days. Praise God!

The congregation from Bethel Church in Bluefields has been working very hard on the new building in Kukra Hill. Thank God for these wonderful saints! We could not have achieved the current building status without them! Even the school kids were out there in the rain during their recent break. What a blessing they are!
Prayer requests:
•    For Vital’s family in Haiti, they have lost everything in the recent hurricanes and are still living in rescue shelters.
•    For funds to purchase more concrete for the floors in the Kukra Hill Building.
•    For additional teams to complete the Kukra Hill building.