International Ministries

Iris and Mario Morales

September 2, 2008 PrayerCall

Missionaries Iris and Mario Morales, who have served in Bolivia for the past seven years, now will also work with American Baptist International Ministries in the recruitment of new missionaries. Starting Sept. 1, Iris and Mario will serve on part-time special assignment as recruitment associates while continuing their mission work related to Bolivia.
“We believe God is calling us to expand our efforts in global mission with the appointment of new missionaries,” said Reid Trulson, executive director of International Ministries. “The ministry that Iris and Mario enter as recruitment associates will greatly expand our capacity to help missionary candidates discern God’s call upon their lives.” International Ministries currently serves missionaries and partners in 76 countries.
Iris and Mario currently reside in Arizona for medical reasons and will base their recruitment efforts from this U.S. location. They also continue to work with the Bolivian Baptist Union and the House of Hope and make periodic visits to Bolivia. The House of Hope is a multi-faceted ministry in Cochabamba serving needs of women, children, pastors and families. Cochabama is a major city in the central Western area of Bolivia, which also is in the central Western part of the continent of South America.
“Our partners deeply respect education and would embrace additional missionaries serving as resources for theological education and various forms of training and leader development,” commented Iris and Mario. “The needs in Bolivia can also be found in many other parts of the world. We are eager as recruitment associates to help potential missionary candidates to discern their call to missionary vocations and to match their skills with the needs identified by our partners throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.”
•    Pray for Iris and Mario as they begin to serve as recruitment associates for International Ministries and as they continue to serve in Bolivia.
•    Pray for their children: Mario, a college student in Arizona and Ben (15).