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Home with a view

July 14, 2008 Journal

Alex, a graduate of the City of Youth, just can’t get away from Hope Unlimited!   After settling into a great job as an industrial carpenter, he decided to put down roots and purchase land to build a home. The plot of land has a beautiful view of Hope Mountain. He said he wanted to be constantly reminded of the ministry which led to his transformation.  

Alex has created an opportunity to unite most of his family in Vitória to begin a new life together.  He brought his 33-year-old sister up from São Paulo where she and her four children had been living in extreme poverty. Her family includes a 21-year-old daughter, son-in-law, and their three-year-old girl. These seven relatives now live with Alex in his small rented apartment while they are waiting to move in to the new home.

Alex has displayed such generosity and grace. This type of family reunification and healing is common among Hope graduates. Only 18% of Brazil’s street children are biological orphans; many of the remaining “social orphans” have a strong desire to be reunited with family – and to create healthy, loving relationships. Since the children at Hope are able to experience so much spiritual and emotional healing, they become the perfect “agents of healing” for their families once they graduate.