International Ministries

Great Expectations

January 26, 2006 Journal

As Director, one sixth of my Women's School student body and one of my staff are expecting new babies this month! I asked a few of our expectant mothers if they couldn't volunteer to have their babies next month instead, but they clearly thought I was joking. To prove it, they have produced four out of the seven expected babies so far. (In all of last year, we only had two.) We are grateful for small blessings; the babies are healthy, and all the mothers have remained relatively healthy in spite of their heavy field work that is no respecter of circumstances. A new concern is an outbreak of measles in our student camp. Our families study, work, and play in such close proximity to each other that new babies are regularly visited, breathed on, coughed on, and showered with kisses. We covet your prayers for their good health.

Though I find it strange that so many of our women are due to give birth all in one month when there are 11 other months in a year to have babies in, I am grateful to the Lord for giving us these gifts of hope and new life in a month in which we have also experienced some tragic deaths.

Last week, two families close to us both lost children at our hospital within days of each other. One child was our next door neighbor... It was to this backdrop of profound sadness and disappointment that two of our new pastoral school babies were born at the hospital – fascinating in the miracle of their beauty and life, renewing hope and a sense of God's greatness and love for us. I couldn't help but reflect that He sends comfort and healing in many forms – even in 7 new babies.


Many thanks to those of you who have contributed layette items for our students over the last few years. As students, far from home and the help of relatives, their means are not very great. They are proud when they can properly present their babies well dressed.