International Ministries

Pray for International Ministries Volunteers for week of January 22, 2017

January 25, 2017 PrayerCall
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Marcia Ricketts, PA, serving in Ghana

Jane and Morley Langdon, WY, serving in Thailand

Judith Sutterlin, CA, serving in China

Tricia and Todd Johnson, MA, serving in Thailand

Ryan Baumgart, MI, serving in Okinawa

Michael Perry, WV, serving in Liberia

Rene and Steve Tyo, WV, serving in Cambodia

Matt Branson, GRR, serving in Honduras

Paul and Gail Aita, WA, serving in Myanmar

Sara Manning and group, RMT, serving in Lebanon

Scott Arnold and group, MA, serving in the Philippines

Dennis Legg and group, WV, serving in Haiti

El Roy Pankow and group, CA, serving in Haiti

Vic Gordon and group, CA and KS, serving in Haiti

Gene Gentry and group, NW, serving in Haiti

Fritz Meier and group, CA, serving in Haiti

Harry Rittenhouse and group, OH, serving in the Dominican Republic

Cliff Bunch and group, IN, serving in the Dominican Republic

Adrian Munro and group, ME, serving in the Dominican Republic