International Ministries

Ketly and Vital Pierre

July 1, 2008 PrayerCall

PierremarKetly and Vital work on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua to strengthen local churches and encourage existing churches to plant new ones. One way they do this is by leading and coordinating seminars and workshops. Through these sessions, pastors and leaders of local congregations learn how to strengthen the ministries of their churches. The Pierres' ministry is a holistic, "hands on" endeavor in which they walk and work alongside local people, building relationships as well as work with people in local churches to educate against drug abuse and drug trafficking. They also pastor Bethel Baptist Church, a congregation which they planted in Bluefields.

The Pierres serve as a link with American Baptist churches in the U.S. for volunteer groups. The groups are matched with local ministries according to where they would be the most effective.

They write: The congregation of Bethel Baptist Church has felt a real urgent need to reach out beyond the walls of the church and get into the community with the Gospel.  They want to do more evangelism. The theme for the church in 2008 is “Sowing Seeds and Rebuilding Lives”.  Their plan is to go into different neighborhoods in Bluefields to sow the seed of the Word.  They spend one week in concentrated prayer for each house in the neighborhood and then one week going door to door.

On the third week they will hold open-air services. This is quite an endeavor but we know if we are in the will of God, He will open the doors for us.

As we go into the street, the disciples are also taking the time to disciple people that are coming in.  What a multiplication effect!  The best way that we are experiencing in our Christian walk is to walk with another person the Christian faith.

As we look back at the last several months we can’t help being humbled at what God has allowed us to be a part of.  He is truly a God of miracles. We see them every day.  What a privilege it is to serve beside so many dedicated Christians.  GOD IS SO GOOD!  
Prayer requests:
•    To keep focus on the command to go and make disciples.
•    Financial support for the continuation of the Multi-Purpose building for the church and school in Kukra Hill (a nearby community).
•    The opening of the school in February 2009 in Kukra Hill.
•    More Work and Witness Teams.
•    Pray for physical strength for Vital, the work in Kukra Hill is very hard.
•    Thank you for your continuing prayer. May God continue to bless you as you serve Him!