International Ministries

The good, the bad and the better

June 30, 2008 Journal

Dear partners in ministry,


We are always happy to return and find that we can still speak Thai,  I was particularly grateful that my Northern Thai came back quickly and I still speak enough to fool the neighbors. But not all things have stayed in the memory as well.


The first thing I needed to remember is that the morning market should be renamed the dawn market – my first trip got me there at 6:30 am.  There was a remnant of sellers, selling limp veggies.  The pork sellers had already sold out, cleaned up and gone home.  The second morning I decided to beat the system and buy meat from a lady who sells from a stall out side her house on my morning walk.  At 6:10 she had a pile of intestines, a pig’s snout and a small hunk of pork.  I grabbed the hunk of pork and have determined to get up earlier.


Another thing was – always crack eggs into a cup first to check that they are still OK.  I ruined a meal by not obeying this basic rule.

Some things are better than good!  This place not only is into recycling but, people will come to the house sort your recyclables, truck them away and pay you for the privilege. We got 15 dollars for a dead fridge and a pile of old magazines and plastic -- enough for a birthday dinner.


Currently we are living in a construction site.  We are adding a bathroom to our house and this has meant the deconstruction of our kitchen as the bathroom will be above the kitchen.  Hopefully when everything is finished we will be better equipped to both house and feed you when you visit.


Inn’s Story


We shared a little about Inn while we were back on your side of the ocean.  Inn made a commitment to the Lord just before we left for home assignment.  Other members of our team nurtured her while we were away and she was greatly encouraged by dreams where God spoke to her personally and clearly promising to look after her.   She has read the New Testament two or three times and seems to have a good understanding.  The other day we were studying a passage in scripture and one of her friends was over visiting.  Inn took over the story telling and helped me to explain how Jesus has power over nature.


Inn has a bright and vibrant personality.  She is also an invalid and rarely gets out of the house.  Her desire is to walk unaided.  She has seen how Jesus healed in the New Testament and is seeking to be healed.  Please join with us in praying for a miracle.


Stop the press! Last evening we were over at the fellowship meeting at B.Sa. We met for the first time in Nuek and Kwii’s home and had a total of 14 adults.  We prayed for rain as the area hadn’t had rained for 10 days and the folk were getting worried about the corn and rice.  It started to rain while we were eating.  That certainly got folk talking.  Pray that some of the folk who came for a look see will meet Jesus.


We trust you are seeing God at work where you are and thank you for your partnership with us.


In His love and fellowship


Jan and Larry




Prayer / praise


Praise God for his presence with us and the opportunities he is giving us.


Pray for Inn’s healing.


Pray that as we study the bible with Inn, others would be touched by the word of God.


Pray for the folk at B. Sa Muana and Villy will be going on home assignment soon so we will be taking care of them from a distance.


Pray for the folk who came to the worship service that their interest will have been piqued and that they will want to know Jesus personally.


Pray for us as we start teaching again this week – we have a new schedule and some new schools.


Pray that the renovations to our home will be done quickly.