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Ministry grows and God remains faithful

June 30, 2008 Journal

Damascenojuly1Dear friends,


It has been almost two years since the Amigos Project was launched. We can still remember the state of trepidation we were when it was unveiled before us the enormity of the needs of the Portuguese-speaking migrants in this region of the country. We had no other choice than to cry out to God for help. And to be honest, help did come.


God has been using this project tremendously to attend to the needs of the Portuguese-speaking migrants, be it social or spiritual.


Places like: Boston, Dereham, Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn, Bishop’s Stortford and Rugby already have formed congregations as part of the local Baptist churches. Efforts are also being made to reach out to the community in Corby, DIRFT area, Grantham and Cambridge. We are having the privilege of seeing people being baptised, lives being restored, social justice being done and the Great Commission being fulfilled.


And if we think that this is it we are wrong. The project is starting to go broader as Oxford and Swindon are joining in.


The highlights of these two years have really been the relationship we have built with local government. In many occasions we have been invited by local government institutions as a guest speaker to share what we as Baptists are doing for the migrant community. In Norfolk for example, for the first time the Norfolk County Council will hold a training for child minder in both languages, Portuguese and English, which means for the very first time we are going to have accredited Portuguese speaking child minders in that region. As a result many children won’t be vulnerable in the hands of unregistered and unqualified child minders.


Our relationship with other religious organisations has been very positive, for instance, our meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was very impressed with the project and the way the Baptists are going forward in migrant issues.


The English classes are helping many migrants to learn the language and enabling them to integrate into local society, find better jobs, and have a better quality of life. The thriving program does not just assist the Portuguese-speaking migrants but all nationalities.


The listening ear and community services have helped many migrants to find a purpose for their lives. Many come to us with broken hearts and it just takes a few hours for them to realize that they are not alone and that somebody cares for them.


What else can we say? We just have to thank God and all of you for the support we have been receiving. It has been great encouragement to see our God at work and to know that he has more in store.


As you should know the project relies on your prayer and donations. Please remember us in your prayers because we believe that through prayer situations can be changed.


In Christ,


Jorge and Hermelinda Damasceno

IM missionaries in the UK