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One ministry ends, another begins

June 17, 2008 Journal

Greetings from the Nelsons!

It has been too long since we wrote.

We've been busy "sailing" the smooth roads and skies in the USA versus the rough roads in Democratic Republic of Congo. April and May have been filled with joyous visits with local congregations in the Pittsburgh, Syracuse, NY, Cincinnati, Ohio and Southern California. Other highlights lately have been the cheering for our nephew in the Boston Marathon, who donated $500 of his pledge money to the Congo Palm Oil Project.  Mission in Motion continued with the wonderful World Mission Conference in Ohio, watching weaving during Reid Trulson's mission sermon, hearing the Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma) sing Amazing Grace, experiencing the joy in doing simple things - like telling a story, singing a song, playing a game --with folks in the Kikongo workshops.


Although we are due to retire from fulltime Mission service with American Baptist International Ministries June 30, we hope to not get "stuck in a rut!" In the holy tension between being and doing, nesting and going, we are trusting that we will be more than spectators of life during retirement.


In our time of de-briefing with the International Ministries staff, we were asked if we would be willing to be special assistants to the Africa area director, Eleazar Ziherambere, and to help with other projects form time to time.  This would include occasional trips to other French speaking African countries for 4-8 weeks, to encourage and work along side our partners there.   After prayer and discussion on our part, we have happily agreed to continue ministering in this way with International Ministries on a short-term, project basis.


IMPORTANT CHANGE: In light of this new development, we need to slightly modify what we have been telling you about how to redirect your financial support for our ministry to others. Now, we would ask that you would consider supporting projects that we will be involved with -- such gifts would be called specifics.

In light of your overall giving priorities and resources, we will trust you to best discern how to divide your gifts - possibly 50/50, or whatever you feel is best.


To support any of the remaining 10 missionaries in DR Congo, go review the country page on the website and see the listing of missionaries in the country and their ministries.


COMING UP: Our late June presentations on the DR Congo in Eastern Pennyslvania will be followed by several presentations in the Boston and Quebec areas.  Then we will participate in the Baptist Peace Conference in Montreal.  In late July, we will be part of the International Ministries delegation to the Baptist International Conference on Theological Education in Prague, followed by visits and service with IM Missionaries Debbie and Jim Kelsey in Padua, Italy, and the gathering of French teaching resources in France.  The Lord is also blessing us with some time for sightseeing and visiting with friends.  We return to the USA on September 6.


Please DO keep us in your prayers as we complete the move of our things from Alhambra back in to our home of over 25 year in Ventura CA, and as we travel during the summer.


CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  PO BOX 1671, Ventura, CA  93002

    email stays the same:

    Smooth sailing to you as you go with God.   

Love in Christ,  

Virgil and Lynn