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May 19, 2008 Journal
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Dear Friends and co-laborers of the Mission in Bolivia:


Greetings to you all in the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ! So much has happened since our last Newsletter. We will try and update you as to some of the significant things in our lives.


Update on Iris’ health situation


As you remember, Iris was due back at MD Anderson Houston TX on May 3. The objective of this follow up was to find out the growth and progression of a tumor near the voice box, monitor lung spots and possible neck surgery. After undergoing several series of examinations, the doctors decided to go ahead with surgery with the latest technological instruments in order to remove all cancer present in the neck. On May 8, Iris went into a long five hours surgery where the doctors were able to remove seven tumors, including the larger tumor near the voice box. Unfortunately, this last tumor had already invaded some nerves from the vocal chords. Iris' vocal chords suffered a 40% paralysis presenting some physical and emotional challenges. Nevertheless, Iris is so optimistic and hopeful that not only is she dealing very well with the emotional challenges, but also she is already singing in low tones as part of her therapy.  We praise the Lord for His presence during surgery and during this time of recovery. We will be going back to MD Anderson on July 6 for follow up and possible post surgery treatments and as family we will be taking a two weeks recovery vacation from May 24 to June 7, but will be available by e-mail


Update on The House of Hope Bolivia


As you know, even as we write this letter here in Phoenix, Arizona, the House of Hope in Bolivia continues to minister to the needs of Bolivian people. This is possible thanks to your financial support and also to dear Bolivian leaders like Carmen Choque, Miriam Goytia, Pastor Nicanor Alave, Sister Albarracin, Pastor Bony, Jaime Goytia, Ramiro Valencia and so many colleagues who for so many years walked with us doing ministry in Bolivia. Here we are glad to report briefly what is going on in those ministries:



Mission Trips for 2008



Praises and Celebrations



Prayer Requests



It is a better life because of Jesus!

Mario and Iris Morales

3751 E. Megan St. Gilbert Az. 85295