International Ministries

Why do you doubt?

May 18, 2008 Journal

Twenty five years ago, I awoke in the middle of the night with those words in my head. It was a “dark night of the soul” period and I was wrestling with questions that would forever affect me and my children. I realized that the phrase came from the account of Peter as he was walking on water.

Not long ago, I was working at a job that I absolutely loved. I could not imagine a job more suited to me, or one that I could enjoy as much. And yet, I was asked to change, to step out of the boat and into the water.

“Why do you doubt?” When we are presented with a challenge, why do we most always think that we will struggle, that it will be too difficult? Why do we fear that we will not succeed?

I love the TV series, “Joan of Arcadia” (you can get it on DVD). You will need to forgive some of her theology, but the main topic of talking to God is wonderful. In the shows, God appears to an ordinary 16 year old girl and gives her assignments, i.e. join the chess club, get an A on the Chemistry test, etc. Joan often feels that she has failed, and then God shows her that she has succeeded in HIS agenda. Isn’t that us?

We wonder why God would ever ask us to work on Adopt-A-Highway, or join the women’s ministry, or become a trustee. Or to stay in a job that we don’t enjoy, or leave one that we love. His plan is perfect and no matter what you are asked to do, He will provide the necessary tools.

I am now working with Baptist partners in India and Nepal. I help them to dream, to make plans for ministry that include you and people in your church. It’s a fantastic job. I can’t imagine one better suited for me.

Why do we doubt? God has taken the surprises, the challenges, the problems, and made them into blessings.

His will be done.