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Pray for our Myanmar students during the cyclone crisis

May 15, 2008 Journal

Dear Family and Friends,

With the tragedy of Myanmar (Burma) in the news, we thought it would be good to remind you that in our international master of divinity degree program we have several Christian students from Myanmar. I want to mention our three seniors.

Brownpatmay1The young man’s name is Jum (‘u’ as in June). He is from the Kachin ethnic group. When he goes back to Myanmar he will either teach at the Kachin Theological College or he will return to his position as Associate Pastor of the Mandalay Kachin Church. He has a great love for his Kachin people. The majority are Baptists. They have been politically and economically oppressed by the government. He wants them to have opportunities for social progress. He hopes to open a youth hostel where Kachin young people can come, live, and go to school.

Brownpatmay2The young girl in the white blouse is Run (pronounced like the English word ‘rune’). She is from the Chin ethnic group. When she returns she may teach at the Chin seminary, but her primary interest is working with children. From her studies in my class on Spirituality, I sense that she has a deep and abiding devotional life. She will serve well in either situation.

The young girl in the green blouse is Cer (pronounced like the Jer in Jerry). She and Run are from the same town. She also could return and teach at the seminary, but her heart is in mission work. Actually, truth be told, she had a boy friend who is also in the M.Div. Program. He is an American and works on the weekends primarily with Karen refugees in the border camps. If God leads in this way, they would make a wonderful mission couple working with the displaced multitudes fleeing oppression from Myanmar.

So, I ask you that as you pray for the people of Myanmar, remember to lift up the names of Jum, Run, and Cer that they might become shining examples of Christian witness to the people of that nation.

As some of you know, Pat has been studying Karen with a Karen person from Myanmar. Her teacher told her today that she had finally heard from her family in the Irrawaddy region and they had survived. None of the students mentioned above are from the storm affected regions.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of American Baptist International Ministries and our work here in Thailand. Since missionaries are prohibited from working in Myanmar, our work with these students becomes even more important for that nation. Pray for us as you pray for them.

One final house-keeping item: As of May 18th, our loxinfo account will be closed. If you have not already done so, note in your records that we can be reached at

Yours in Christ,

LaMon and Pat