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New Place, New Prayers

November 16, 2014 Journal
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New place, new prayers

Our new place, the place we will actually be for the next year, is lovely. The town is called Téglás (pronounced Tegg-losh) and has about 6,500 people, the population of our hometowns in Illinois. We live on the main drag, just a few blocks south of the shops and stores, so anything we need is in walking distance.

The schools are only a ten-minute walk, and that's at the kids' pace. The town has a nursery, kindergarten, elementary and intermediate schools. We went first to the intermediate school and met the principal there, Erzsébet (Elizabeth). She has been our guide and friend. She showed us the three buildings, including the 'special' wing, meaning school for the arts. We met the violin teacher and saw the art room and the works of art in the halls. The buildings are cheerful, full of sunlight and plants that Erzsébet cares for herself. Her rapport with the kids is natural and nurturing. We had lunch the first day with her in this school, and then she led the way to our new home. She had been part of the preparations there, too, including a miniature orange and a lemon tree, two aloe plants and an African violet that has just bloomed. 

The elementary school is just a few blocks away, down Iskola Utca (School Street). One of the first grade classes is pilot of their new bi-lingual Hungarian/English program. Ruth will attend this class, and I will teach different lessons through the week. There are several teachers who speak English, and they are hoping I will work with them after hours to improve—and I hope, teach me some Hungarian! Maggie will attend the kindergarten, and while the teachers don’t know much English, they are welcoming. I believe it will be enough for Maggie to communicate and play. Brandy will attend the nursery, or as they call it, “crèche.” Lots of toys and toddling friends, but also teachers with limited or no English. So, my first prayer request is for the girls, and for me to have faith to let them go!!!

Our next prayer request includes a praise: we met the nicest missionary couple who live here in Debrecen. Bruce and Debbie Cobb are with the Southern Baptist Convention--David Platt is their boss! (If you still don’t know David Platt, kick yourself and go read “Radical.”) The Cobbs lead discipleship ministry for foreign students at Debrecen University, and wouldn’t you know they have a large group of West African students? Please pray for the Cobbs and their continued witness, and thank the Lord that we met and fellowshipped with them.

Our third prayer request and praise is for our newest friend, Rita, who works at a shop in town. She was so excited to meet us; she said she hasn’t gotten to practice her English for three years, when she moved home from England. She offered to take us into the city of Debrecen, her hometown, over the weekend and give us a local tour. She and her boyfriend, Gabi, met us at the bus stop and spent all day walking, holding hands with the girls, telling us about themselves and their city. They taught Ruth Hungarian words for numbers and colors (blue sounds like ‘cake’!) and were so patient and kind. Please pray many blessings for them and thank God that he arranged this ‘coincidental’ friendship.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support as we have followed the Lord in this journey. I’m not sure what our address is exactly, though if you knew how to say, “You know, the place where the Americans live” in Hungarian, a letter might get through! In the meantime, please email us at and follow our weekly progress on Please print out a copy of this and share it with friends who aren’t internet savvy!