International Ministries

Refugee ministry at World Mission Conference

April 17, 2008 Journal


We wanted to bring the World Mission Conference schedule for this year to your attention. All four conferences are at or near locations where Karen and Chin refugees are being resettled. So resettlement, especially as it relates to those from Burma is an important part of the program of all four conferences. The dates and locations of the four conferences are:

May 16 – 18 Montgomery Community Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

July 18 – 20 Red Lion Hotel, Medford, Oregon

September 19 – 21 Second Baptist Church, Suffield, Connecticut

October 3 – 5 First Baptist Church, Marshalltown, Iowa

For a detailed schedule and registration information, go to the web site of International Ministries or use this link.

Each conference begins on a Friday afternoon and ends after worship on Sunday morning. Particularly relating to Karen and Chin resettlement will be sessions on Friday (3:00 – 5:00 pm) and Saturday (1:30 – 5:00 pm). For these sessions, resource people will be available, but the focus will be on exchanging ideas and experiences. Working with resettled refugees is new for almost all of us so come and share what is working and not working in your area and learn and get ideas from others involved in similar work around the country. Topics we are often asked about and might be discussed include, worship models to include multiple languages, developing a multi-cultural Sunday school, available resource materials, how to run ESL classes, ethnic church leadership development, transportation issues, bridging the cultural gap, mentoring or friendship programs, getting involved from a distance, living in a tough urban environment, dealing with domestic issues (substance abuse & domestic violence), etc. Definitive solutions to any or all the issues in two days might not be possible, but maybe each of us can come away with some new ideas.

Duane & Marcia will be setting up the refugee related program so if you have particular matters you would like to see covered, please let us know. Between the 4 conferences, it is our hope that no matter the denomination or affiliation, every church in the US dealing with Karen, Chin or others from Burma, will be represented.


Duane & Marcia Binkley