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Pray for LaMon and Pat Brown

April 15, 2008 PrayerCall
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R. LaMon and Patricia Brown Portrait
LaMon teaches Bible, doctrine and other courses at McGilvary Seminary at Payap University in Chiang Mai. While "foreign missionaries" can be effective in evangelism and starting new churches, Christians from Thailand have much more success. Therefore, training Thai Christians to impact their nation or people group for Christ is vital.
In addition to Thai students, others come to the school from tribal groups in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), so the impact of Payap University extends even beyond Thai society.

LaMon writes: Another school year has come and gone. Actually, I (LaMon) continue to teach in the international program, but the Thai program is over. The final event of the school year was the annual work camp followed by a commissioning service for seniors.

Pat is studying a new language – Karen. So, she was unable to attend the work camp. Pray for her as she tries to learn this language which will help our work here and also enable her to assist churches and organizations in the States who are helping with the resettlement of Karen refugees.

I did go to the camp and as always found it a wonderful experience. 60 or more of us drove several hours into the mountains of Northern Thailand where we had planned to help a church lay a cement floor for their new church building. … Every evening after a long day of hot, sweaty work, we would gather in the old church building for worship, which was always led by students, with preaching by one of the three professors who attended – two Thai and me.

•    Pray for LaMon and Pat as they train leaders and reach out for Christ in Thailand.