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Good News, Some Bibles Have Arrived!!!

April 3, 2008 Journal

In October, November and December of 2007, we conducted Spiritual Formation workshops with Samaritan Baptist Church, a Baptist Convention of Zambia church. This church is located in a poor compound, Kalikiliki, near Lusaka, Zambia. The members took notes and eagerly participated in the workshop. This was a great learning experience for us as well, but we were handicapped because most of the attendees were without bibles. Thanks to your donations after our appeal, Sunday, February 24, 2008 we were able to put the Word of God into the hands of some of His people. We thought you would enjoy this picture postcard of workshop attendees at Samaritan Baptist receiving their English Bibles.


One of the children who participated in the workshop receiving his bible.


Patricia Mulenga, the pastor’s wife, receiving her bible from Sarah at left.

We completed the workshop just days before the rainy season began which floods and washes away the narrow dirt roads that must be navigated in order to get to Samaritan Baptist. In the makeshift markets, always overcrowded on a Sunday morning, the music blares and whatever vehicle has ventured this far into the compound has to dodge the children and drunks that weave in and out of the many market taverns.

These bibles are extremely precious and will be a vital evangelizing tool for the youth as they walk house to house inviting people to Christ.


One of the church leaders receiving his bible from Charles


while Sarah hands a bible to the church’s community school teacher


One of the excited youth after receiving his bible. Imga0027

Another youth receiving her bible


The tradition of shaking every hand, big and small is an important part of the worship service.


The happy group who received their Good News English Bibles.

As part of our ministry with our national partner, the Baptist Convention of Zambia, we are working with this community, Kalikiliki, through Samaritan Baptist and starting to create jobs through small entrepreneur ventures such as selling small packets of rice and corn meal to start with. We ask you to join with us in prayer that the entire community will be transformed through the word of God.

Each bible costs about K40, 000.00 (Kwacha) or $10.00 (US Dollar). This is more than most workers earn in a few days of “piece-work,” if they are fortunate enough to have a job. In this church in particular only about 10 percent of the adults are employed, so for those we minister to and serve among, food and shelter would take priority over purchasing a bible from the K20, 000.00 (Kwacha) they would bring in if they are blessed to work.

This is just the first roll-out of these precious Bibles. We are still waiting for Bibles in the Nyanga and Bemba languages. We are told that they should arrive at the Bible Society offices in Zambia around April 2008. We still need your valuable financial and most importantly your prayer support. Only with your contributions can we work as a well-oiled team to continue carrying out the work of God. If you would like to be a part of this exciting and life transforming ministry, go click on the word “Give”, go to “Africa”, use the pull down menu and choose “Charles and Sarah West”, or call International Ministries Africa desk at 1-800-ABC-3USA for more information.

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In His Service,

Charles and Sarah West