International Ministries

Celebrating our work in UK

January 29, 2008 Journal

Dear brothers and sisters,

We hope that you are all doing well and that in the year of 2008 you might see the Lord’s blessings flowing upon your life.

We are amazed when we look back over the last year and contemplate all that God has been doing in our ministry here in the UK with Portuguese speaking migrants.

We are very happy to say that the project has grown and we are now present in seven towns and cities. In four of them we already have Portuguese speaking congregations established and we have been assisting the community with a range of social programmes.Damascenojan1

Damascenojan3Here are photos of the second water baptism taking place in Dereham Baptist Church. It was a joy to see two Portuguese and two Brazilian brothers and sisters being baptized.

Our counselling and ESOL programmes are also flourishing. In the ESOL classes we have many people from Eastern European countries participating. Our ESOL program is now endorsed by Northgate High School which is one of the local high schools in the area.

Brothers and sisters, as you can see the Lord has been doing many things amongst us, people being saved, the voice of the vulnerable and distressed is being heard and people are getting to know that God really cares about them. It is really a privilege for us, together with you, to show to the Portuguese speaking groups wherever they come from: Angola, Brazil, Guine Bissau, Portugal, Cape Verde, Saint Thomas and Principe and Mozambique, that in the UK the Lord we serve is at work.


We are all doing fine, despite feeling very tired. We are planning to have one week break as family in the second week of February. The children seem to have settled now, as we have too. I do not think we are going to be able to do our home assignment in Brazil this year, it is most likely to happen in the summer 2009 when we will have been in the UK for three years. We do miss our families very much and can hardly wait to see them again.

Prayer Request

Pray for our physical and spiritual renewal. We do feel very tired and sometimes under spiritual attack.

Pray that the Lord will give us new strategies and will consolidate what has been so far achieved.

Pray for the arrival of more workers to join us. As the ministry grows it is almost impossible for us to do everything.

Pray for the release of financial resources. As the ministry grows we need to see more of it.

We would like to thank you for all your support. It keeps us going and gives us the affirmation that we are not on our own.

May God bless you richly,

Jorge and Hermelinda Damasceno

American Baptist International Ministries missionaries in the UK