International Ministries

Back home, reconnecting with family and friends

November 26, 2007 Journal


Dear Partners in ministry

Well, here we are at “home” reconnecting with family and friends, enjoying the good things a little too much and finding that we need to spend more time exercising to make up. So far we have had some vacation time, some conference time and times to share what God has been and is continuing to do in our small part of Thailand. Our times sharing in the churches have taken us to both the east and west coasts of the US and the churches have been encouraging in their enthusiasm for what God is doing in Thailand.

Martinnov2Larry turned 50 while we were in Maine and he was treated to three birthday parties.

Martinnov3The fresh lobsters went down well too!

God is in the business of drawing people to himself, bringing them into His kingdom and changing lives. He does it in ways that He shows that His love and care for people is very personal meeting each person where they are at.

Just before we left a woman in her 40s committed her life to Christ. We started to disciple her but only had a few weeks to do so. Our colleagues over the hill have gladly taken on this responsibility and the following is from John and Vicki Rees.

In’s story

When In reads the Gospels she longs for the healing Jesus is able to bring into her life. She recently had a dream in which Jesus phoned her mobile – she knew it was Him because the name Pra Yesu (JESUS) appeared on the face of the phone! She suddenly felt overwhelmed – too flustered to answer and unsure how to respond to him. A month later (in another dream) a holy man met her, lifted her in his arms, and prayed for her. She came away from that dream with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and peace. Later while we were introducing a picture book, In took a hard look at Jesus and said, ‘That’s him – He’s the one who lifted me!’Martinnov4

In and Vicki

In has a serious heart condition and, although needing major hospital treatment is not yet well enough to undergo surgery. Last Wednesday when we took her to the hospital in Nan the doctor prescribed medication for her heart. She believes God is helping her – lifting her above the obstacles that only a short time ago seemed unsurpassable. Her family and friends are happy that In has found a reason to rejoice. People in her neighborhood are watching closely – perhaps wondering what is going to happen next!

May the God of surprises do something wonderful – both in her life and in the community!

We are excited about what God is doing and will do and grateful to be part of a team knowing that the work goes on even when we aren’t able to be there.

Prayer Points

Please join us in prayer as God works in In’s life, and the lives of her family and neighbors as they see Jesus meeting her needs.

Pray for John and Vicki, and Muana and Villy as they continue to minister in their areas and look after our area as well.

Pray for the fellowship at Ban Sra, pray that the believers will be effective witnesses to their friends and neighbors.

Pray for us as we travel, tell the story of what God is doing in Thailand and look for churches and individuals who will partner with us.

Thank you for your partnership, as we see God doing amazingly personal things for His children. May you too know that personal touch from Jesus.

Yours in Christ

Jan and Larry