International Ministries

Merry Christmas from El Salvador

December 7, 2007 Journal

Beloved in Christ,

May God bless you during this Christmas season.

May the lights of hope and love shine upon your lives and ministries.

Personally, the love you have shown for our children in El Salvador has been a magnificent adventure of faith and has been transforming for them.

The reality of life in El Salvador directly impacts the financial situation of the families, making it very difficult to buy basic foods. The price of beans, which is a basic staple, has risen to $1.25 per pound, which is just too expensive for the average family. So this directly impacts the children. The gasoline taxes affect the ability of the people to survive. For example, during the Christmas season many kids use fire crackers that are sold at this time of year. The cost of living is so high that people cannot really afford to buy these things.

But we still have hope.

We finished the retaining wall with the support from many of you. Without the interest and dedication of so many of you, it would not have been possible to make this project a reality. For God's glory and majesty and for peace, together “we build dreams of peace in El Salvador,” a place for our children at the mission in Puente Cuscatlan.

This year Galilea Private School celebrated its 12th anniversary, by participating in the Independence Day, having a special English class after school, and giving drawing courses in the afternoons. Thanks to all that sponsor the children through the STEP program of International Ministries.

I promote the work of the women pastors in El Salvador. We have a group of 13 women. Three of them have been called to be pastors in the churches of FEBES. This group is ready to travel to Chile and attend a gathering of women pastors in the end of February 2008 in Chile. This is a significant event because the first woman pastor from Chile will be ordained at this event.

For his grace Christ is still with us and his light inspires our work with the children and the women pastors.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Rev. Dr. Magda Aguirre

Missionary in El Salvador


Children at the Vacation Bible School at El Puente Cuscatlan on November 30, 2007.