International Ministries

Pray for a safe return to Beirut

January 28, 2008 Journal
Dear friends and faithful partners in our Ministry:

Sarah and I received our resident permits for Lebanon. We are leaving for Beirut on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

We just want to thank the Lord for His grace and provision for the past year in the US. Though we were very busy with deputation and our visit to Valley Forge until December, we felt God's protection and leading in all matters personal and professional. We thank God for your faithfulness and loving support.

We shall be sending our Newsletters BEIRUT BUZZ periodically. Hopefully, you will also receive updates, prayer requests, and praise items through our MPT (Missionary partnership Team). Launched in late August, the team is quickly getting knit together as one in spirit and purpose.

We are excited at the prospect of returning to Lebanon and the Middle East, and resuming our ministries. We are so heartened to hear many of our friends and co-workers just waiting to welcome us with open arms! Their sagging morale, we feel, is lifted when they hear stories that foreigners are not abandoning their country, but in fact are choosing to return and minister and stand along side them in their hour of need. Difficult as it may be to understand; in these politically troubled times of contentious relations between the Islamic world and Christian West, we hear again and again that Light of the Gospel is also shining brighter in some places in the Middle East, and penetrating to reach new areas!

To God be the Glory!


• Pray that the Holy Spirit would precede us so that we enter the country without any hitch. We hear Hezbollah and other anti-government supporters in Lebanon are beginning to blockade selective roads (especially the road leading from the airport to the city) and government offices in a bid to bring down the present pro-western government.

• Pray for strength and stamina as I literally hit the ground running! I will be teaching new courses, beginning Feb. 4, and getting ready for a public lecture on March 9.

• Pray for Sarah as she will bear the brunt of moving into a rented apartment, get our personal things out of storage and set up the house!

• Pray for our daughter Rachel as she will be left behind in Eugene attending college and staying in Trinity House, a Christian home for college students. Pray God would comfort the parents as they return to an "empty nest" (specially the mother!) and be with our dear Rachel as she navigates the challenges of life on her own (but with the help of loving aunt, uncle, cousins, and grand mother in nearby Cottage Grove, OR).