International Ministries

Pray for: Sue Hegarty

November 10, 2007 PrayerCall


Hegarty, SusanSue Hegarty, Cuba


Sue's main emphasis in her ministry is training national believers, including curriculum writers and pastors, with the goal of strengthening local Christians for growth and service. She directs the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention's editorial group that plans and writes Sunday School curriculum and other study materials for 278 churches and their missions. Often leaders and teachers must create their own lessons and programs due to lack of resources. These materials seek to meet the particular needs of Cuban Christians and the Convention's goals.

In addition, she also serves on the Baptist Theological Seminary faculty where pastors are trained.

Sue is married to a Cuban pastor and serves in her local church as a teacher, in Christian education, personal discipleship, and other capacities, all of which help to better her understanding of the challenges to faith and spiritual growth as well as enrich the materials she writes.