International Ministries

Pray for Jan and Larry Martin, ministering and planting a church in Thailand.

August 8, 2012 PrayerCall
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Jan and Larry have a rural-based ministry in a small town in Northern Thailand. The population of this town is almost 100 percent Buddhist. There is a small and growing Christian group there that the Martins help to nurture through fellowship, praise, preaching and teaching. Their desire is to reach out and serve their community.  The Martins are involved in the lives of the people to whom they minister in as many ways as possible and use the relationships they build to witness to the love of Jesus Christ.

They write: Our main task [before leaving for a vacation last month] was getting Frances the physio—a volunteer—settled and oriented to life in Ban Luang.  She proved to have a great sense of direction and was quickly able to find patients’ homes on her own.  Just after she arrived we had a two-day visit from a physical therapy team from our province, and we joined them in a whirlwind assessment tour of area people with disabilities.  We left knowing Frances had enough to keep her busy.

Diane came for a few weeks to help tutor Dema and Carolyn’s children.  She and Frances shared a house, and when Diane realized that we were going to leave Frances, she extended her stay to cover the gap.    It was a fantastic gift of care. Frances teamed with our colleagues Carolyn and Anna and visited folk here.  Some of them have improved under her ministrations; others are reluctant to change lifestyle and habits, so change has been minimal or non-existent.  
The house churches continued, and the little group of children who come each week for a kids’ program—run at the same time—has grown in number, and the kids seem really interested.

We return to a full program and are grateful for the rest we had during our vacation.  Larry has a big load in schools. Jan has reduced her teaching so she can work with Frances. We are both involved in encouraging the house churches with leadership development and teaching, and are providing leadership for the children’s church.  At the end of this month we get to prepare our budgets for the coming year.  As we do this we are reminded of the great team we have working with us and supporting us with financial gifts and prayers.  As God supplies our needs we pray that your needs are met too.

Prayer points:
•    Praise God for Frances and Diane who have given of their time and resources to be with us.
•    Pray for Frances as she helps folk here in a very different work environment.  Pray, too, that as we visit with Frances we will have opportunities to share Jesus’ concern and care with the patients and their families.
•    Pray for the house churches, that they will grow in their understanding of Jesus and their ability to teach one another.  Praise God for the kids who come to children’s church, and pray that they will meet with Jesus in an unforgettable way.
•    Praise God for a good, restful vacation and the time with family.  Pray for us as we juggle our schedules and time.