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Pray for Kim Kushner Dominguez, on mission to Cuba

July 18, 2012 Journal
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Kim serves in both regional and local ministry projects in Latin America and the Caribbean for American Baptist International Ministries. Kim has been invited by partners in Latin America and the Caribbean to serve as coordinator of a regional assessment of leadership development through theological education.
Kim’s assessment project currently has her working with several partner ministries in Cuba. Given the rapid pace of church growth in Cuba, assessment of leadership development for new and growing churches and conventions is essential. Because of the complexity of residency permits in Cuba, Kim’s ministry base is currently Valley Forge, PA and while she travels back and forth to Cuba.

She writes: I’m headed down to Cuba again. This trip will be quite different than the last one, and will also be quite a bit longer. I’ll be traveling for nearly a month visiting with both of our Baptist partner conventions and traveling the entire country, starting in the west and working my way east. I hear that Havana is unique from the rest of Cuba culturally speaking, so I’m sure I’ll be learning and adjusting constantly.
•    Please pray with me for sustained energy and health as I work my way from one tip of the island to the other.
I’ll start off my trip in the West and will be joined by a group from the United Church of Christ a day or two after I arrive. In between meetings and projects, I’ll travel with them to see the ministries and work of 10 of the Fraternity Baptist Churches. From there, I’ll head east to continue my work with the Fraternity visiting their ministries in the central provinces.
•    Pray that my introductions with Baptist Fraternity leadership, congregations, and ministries will open the door to further grow our partnership.
About 15 days into my trip there will be a Baptist “trade off” and I’ll begin my work with the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention  (CBCOr) folks. It will be good to see old friends. Since my last visit and sharing of visions and goals for the future, we’ve been able to identify some creative ways to walk along side. I’ll be doing some training and educating with a small group of CBCOr leaders Of course I can’t give you details since we’re talking about Cuba, but it suffices to say it’s good to be the bearer of good news.
•    Pray that I may be an agent of encouragement and empowerment for Cuban missionaries and pastors.
Here are a few other items to keep in prayer:
•    The leader of the group that I’ll be with in Havana had to cancel due to family health concerns. Please keep him and the UCC group in your prayers.
•    My husband, Jorge, will not be traveling with me. Prayers for him during my absence are always appreciated.