International Ministries

Pray for Walt White, Global Consultant, seeking to bring the fullness of Christ to people of this world’s major religions.

July 11, 2012 PrayerCall
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Walt's vision is to see people from the major historical religions come to know God in all his fullness through Jesus Christ and to live in obedience to Christ in a way that is faithful to God and honors their culture. He seeks to engage in effective and sustainable evangelism that results in transformed lives and communities.

Walt has a wide range of responsibilities. Having a background of ongoing personal involvement in Bangladesh and knowledge of the experience of others in wide-ranging areas, Walt coaches missionary teams and individuals in several countries. He teaches seminars in cross-cultural evangelism for partner churches, organizations, and sister denominations seeking to reach believers of the major historical religions. He is also building a network of American Baptist churches and persons committed to the same goals, seeking to work with partner organizations and churches.

Walt is involved in ongoing development projects and leadership development in Bangladesh. He is also a resource for American Baptist congregations, particularly those who wish to understand Islam and some of the forces shaping world events today, and who wish to develop a response shaped by the love of Christ.

Walt's wife, Jeanine, while not at this time an active IM staff member, continues to share Walt's vision and to support him in every way. She is an occupational therapist working with multiply-handicapped children.

•    Pray for Walt’s health, strength and for God’s guidance as he works with partners around the globe in seeking to raise up followers of Jesus the midst of their various cultures.