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June 29, 2012 Journal
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We started out our morning with a tour of the Limbe public market with Nancy and Steve James. Vendors were selling everything from carrots to hair extensions to dried Canadian herring. Most of the products at the market were grown in small gardens in the area.

Today concluded our time with the children at Eden vacation bible school. The schedule for the day was similar to the program we followed the first two days except for one significant event. At the end of the bible study portion, Pastor Monel invited any kids from the camp who wanted to accept Christ into their hearts to come forward to pray. There were seventy-one kids who accepted Christ. We were so moved by their response and ask for all of our friends and family following us to keep these children in your prayers, that their faith will only build from here. After the sports competition and singing, we took a great group photo to always remember the amazing group of kids that we got to know in such a unique and special way this week. Every child went home with their own bible to keep at home and share with their families.

Tomorrow is the talent show for vacation bible school. The children got to choose which event they would like to be a part of and have been practicing together as a group all week. Before the talent show, we are going to attend a Seminary Baptist Church in Limbe. We had such a great experience at the Haitian church in Miami and are just as excited to experience new ways of worship and ideas that we can take home with us. After the talent show, we are going to a concert for one of our new friends that we have met here at the University, Elizee. We are also celebrating the 26th birthday of our vacation bible school friend, Jerry!

Soon to come... ROCKET STOVES!

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