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IGNITE Journal #1

June 24, 2012 Journal
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IGNITE Journal #1

by Sarah Nunez, Catey Hobza, Tyrone Choate, Jr., and Nathan Kang

Greetings from Haiti! After a long and trying past three days, we have safely arrived with our luggage! :) The four team members and our leaders, Dan and Ketly, met at the Miami Airport on Saturday expecting a five hour delay in the airport to leave for Haiti at 5pm. That 5 hour delay turned into a 2 day stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Miami. At first we were bummed and disappointed that we couldn't start our orientation with Dan in Haiti as soon as possible, but we were welcomed by the Shalom Community Church the next morning. The pastor drove out of his way in the morning to pick us up from our hotel in between services. Once we arrived, we were greeted like friends and were introduced to the entire congregation. We were blown away by their sense of community, their appreciation for the accomplishments of their members, and for a passion for praise that you can feel the moment you walk in. We had never seen such hospitality from a church body before. We really felt that their worship was a celebration of God's love. After church, we started to get deeper and deeper into our orientation with Dan and Ketly. Some things that we have been learning as a team and individually are to trust in God, to let the Holy Spirit kindle our growth, to keep the fire and passion for sharing Christ burning, to be storytellers, and that some of the connections we make this month might be in the most unlikely places. Finally, this evening we arrived in Port-au-Prince and were greeted with hugs and kisses by Deliris at the aiport. On our drive from the airport to the apartment, we saw a spectrum of images. Among all of the toppled houses and rubble, there are new houses and businesses being built. However, many people are still living in tents, children are working as slaves in the streets to wash cars, and many people are still suffering through the trauma of the country's hardships. Our hopes are to become learners, servants, and storytellers before becoming teachers, leaders, and preachers. We pray that we will be led by the Holy Spirit in the right directions and be God's hands and feet in Haiti.

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