International Ministries

Pray for Chuck and Ramona Shawver, helping Christian leaders grow the church in southern Mexico.

June 6, 2012 PrayerCall
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Chuck and Ramona share administrative and student services duties with other faculty and staff members at the Baptist Seminary in Mexico City. Ramona is currently serving as academic advisor to the seminary's residence students.  Chuck coordinates the pastoral work of students who serve in nearby churches. They are becoming increasingly involved in the various distance learning programs which serve more than 200 students through regional centers and extension programs.  Chuck also coordinates mission teams from US churches and construction projects of seminary related churches.

They write:  As the board members of our church association (CICEM) shared around the table last week we were moved and reminded of the Lord’s goodness.

Eleazar from Chilon Chiapas shared how his church has been concerned about decline.  In a meeting they decided to institute a monthly prayer vigil for renewal and new converts. A few days after the first night of prayer he met a young man on the road and invited him to come to church the following Sunday.  To his amazement the guy showed up and brought his brother.  Both liked the service and both prayed to receive Christ and are now attending regularly.  Eleazar was concerned about his oldest son spending too much time playing soccer.  When he talked to him Neftali responded, “Don’t worry dad, two of my team members will be in church on Sunday and want to join the worship band.” God loves to see folks turning to Him.

Last weekend we baptized seven new believers in Pahuata, Puebla and celebrated the church’s 12th anniversary.  In this world with so much bad news, there is good news still.  Thank you for your amazing generosity and powerful prayers.  

•    Several mission teams will join us this summer.  Please keep them in your prayers.  May God bless you!
•    Pray for Chuck and Ramona as they serve Christ in Mexico.