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Pray for Anita and Rick Gutierrez, developing Health Ministries with congregations for the people of South Africa.

June 6, 2012 PrayerCall
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Drs. Rick & Anita Gutierrez are based in Durban, South Africa. They are developing sustainable, replicable and holistic lay health ministries to address common health problems such as HIV, diabetes, malaria, high blood pressure and other nutrition related diseases. The doctors along with other trainers equip health builders to screen, educate and refer for these conditions. Health builders lead on-going health classes with video and Bible studies. The capacity of health builders to support themselves through gardening is strengthened. Local churches or Christian organizations work alongside the health builders to establish locally sustainable health ministries.

They write: For the past few months we have been in the process of converting our health builder training materials to a format with a weekly home study reading, questions and video. We offer a weekly class session where students take a written test on the home study materials, practice hands-on skills and learn to lead a healthy lifestyles group and Discovery Bible study. The new format has made it possible for students to move through the curriculum at their own pace. We are currently running the health builder course at four different sites in the Durban area with 20 students involved along with seven trainers-in-training.
Wiseman is one of our students at the Amaouti site. He is employed by the health department as a community health worker. His mother died in 1992 when he was young boy. He never knew his father. He told us that he goes to church but also practices as a sangoma (offers his abilities to draw on ancestral spiritual power to intervene in people’s lives). He participates thoughtfully in the Bible studies on Spiritual Powers. There are so many young people in South Africa like Wiseman who have lost parents. By providing health skills training as well as Christian love in word and deed, trainers meet important needs.

Prayer Requests/Praises:

•    Pray for Wiseman and the other health builders currently going through the training.
•    Thank God for our trainers who lovingly give of their time to teach students each week at the various sites. Please pray specifically for Nurses Sue and Dot (Amaouti), Health Builder Devi (Bethany Mission Church of Tongaat), Nurse Anne (McCord Hospital) and Health Builders Kathy, Priscilla and Judy (Phoenix Baptist Church).
•    Praise God that most of our health builders in Zululand are leading Discovery or other Bible studies. Pray that we could enable our current health builders in Zululand to be-come health builder trainers.
•    Voice of America has expressed interest in possibly translating our HIV videos into 12 different African languages. Please pray that they go forward with translation and distribution of our videos.
•    Please continue to pray for our sons Marc and Paul.