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June 2, 2012 Journal
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Mexico City

June 1, 2012

Dear Friends,

You know how faithful God is to you.  You are not alone.  As the board members of our church association (CICEM) shared around the table last week we were moved and reminded of the Lord’s goodness. 

Emilia shared about the celebration of the anniversary of her little Baptist church in Agua Escondida (hidden waters) in the state of Oaxaca.  Church members were in doubt as to whether or not to celebrate the churches 30 something anniversary because of financial concerns.  They decided to receive an offering and were surprised by the generosity of church members.  There was enough to cover the costs.  Then news came that the congregation’s newest convert was in the hospital and had no money. The decision was quickly made to cancel the party and pay the doctor.  When the treasurer arrived at the hospital a social worker had just reviewed the case and written off most of the bill.  There was still enough for the celebration!  A few days later word came of a widow in a nearby village with a major health problem.  The church decided to help out even though she was not a believer and had never been to the church.  Again, the church treasurer was sent with the purse but the need ended up being less than anticipated.  A love offering more than replaced the expense and the anniversary party was back on and joyously celebrated on April 22.  God loves the poor and he also likes parties.

And then Eleazar from Chilon Chiapas shared how his church has been concerned about decline.  In a meeting they decided to institute a monthly prayer vigil for renewal and new converts. A few days after the first night of prayer he met a young man on the road and invited him to come to church the following Sunday.  To his amazement the guy showed up and brought his brother.  Both liked the service and both prayed to receive Christ and are now attending regularly.  Eleazar was concerned about his oldest son spending too much time playing soccer.  When he talked to him Neftali responded, “Don’t worry dad, two of my team members will be in church on Sunday and want to join the worship band.” God loves to see folks turning to Him.

Last weekend we baptized seven new believers in Pahuata, Puebla and celebrated the church’s 12th anniversary.  In this world with so much bad news, there is good news still.  Thank you for your amazing generosity and powerful prayers. 

Several mission teams will join us this summer.  Please keep them in your prayers.  May God bless you!

   --Ramona  & Chuck