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May 4, 2012 Journal


April 24th 2012----The day I have been waiting for... 

After many hours of studying (900 to be exact), tests, homework, and more tests, Graduation day is here.

All the graduates walked in with the flag of country of service. I felt honored to walk in  the group following the Costa Rican flag, since I have been working here while attending school, and I plan on continuing to do so in the next few months and future! I was elected to give the student reflection speech. The speech was recorded. I will post it in my next blog I need to somehow add subtitles or an English translation of some kind.

My classmates Mark, Chelsea, Liz, yo, and our lenguaje teacher, Ana Silvia. Mark and his family will be serving in Peru, Chelsea is going back to the States but plans to work in Latin America in the future, Liz and her family are going to be serving in Costa Rica. It was a pleasure getting to know them over this year, we became a family. I miss them a lot already!

To celebrate our survival of language studies, my friends Megan, Laura, and I went to Jaco beach for the night after graduation. Megan will be teaching at an international school in Mexico, and Laura at an international school in Panama. These girls were my neighbors over the past 4 months, and we became really good friends. I miss them tons but I hope to visit them in the future.

We are free!!! Free from Spanish tests and homework, however not free from learning more. Although I studied for a year, I am nowhere close to being fluent. I believe that will take years. I will have to keep practicing a lot and continue learning outside of the classroom.  

Now what??

-Continue to practice my Spanish!

-I'll continue working with the church as the interim director of the 3-7 year old Sunday school class, help plan youth outings, and being involved in the mission church. 

-Weekly house visits to young women that I have started Bible studies with in Aserri. There are 2 women I visit on a weekly basis, and the Pastor just told me about a least one more he would like me to visit. I have been blessed to be able to share my life with them, build a trusting relationship, share the love of Christ, and begin to disciple them. They are interested in learning/practicing their English so there have been times where I bring my English Bible and they read the verse in English, and I read it in Spanish.

-I have been blessed to be able to stay living in the same house even though I'm not studying at I.L.E. However, it makes the commute a bit tiring because I have to walk about a mile to my bus stop, and then without traffic the bus ride is about 20 min to Aserri.

-Attending my theology classes, they end in a few weeks.

-Working on planning the mission team exchanged, the "Building a bridge from WA-Costa Rica". The mission trip will be in July if they all the paper work goes through.

-Continue to simply live my life in Costa Rica, continue learning from the local people, and sharing life together.

Prayer Requests:

-My church in Aserri.

-The kiddos and their families in my Sunday school class. 

-For me to be able to have the words to say in Spanish, when asked some really deep hard questions about the Bible and Christianity.

-My health, for me to continue to stay healthy so I wont have to make anymore expensive hospital visits.

-My safety as I travel to the house visits, my return home is always in the dark. 

-That I will have peace when it comes time to leave this beautiful country, transition back to Seattle to study at SPU.

-My time at Green Lake and the World Mission Conference in a couple weeks. That I will find guidance and wisdom for what my next steps into full time mission work will be.

Muchas gracias por todo! 


Sarah Jean

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