International Ministries

Pray for Kristy Engel, meeting the health needs of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic.

April 25, 2012 PrayerCall
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Kristy works with the Good Samaritan Hospital in La Romana, ministering to Haitians who are among the poorest in the country. She travels daily to batey (work camp) villages and barrios providing medical attention where so many have been unwilling or unable to offer these services.

She writes: June 2012 will begin a long awaited program for children in Batey 16 and Batey 50...the after school program we are naming, Esperanza (Hope).  In recent years we've heard many stories of children in the bateyes dropping out of school by the fourth grade and I started asking questions about why this was happening.  There are a variety of reasons from lack of schools beyond the 4th grade, lack of transportation, little encouragement to stay in school, lack of supplies and little interest in education.  

As we all know, education is what can help these children break the cycle of poverty that they see all around them.  So, starting in June, a group of women will begin a program that focuses on encouraging children to stay in school by supplying their schools with needed materials, encouraging children and parents about the importance of an education, supporting the teachers in the batey schools, introducing a fun learning curriculum that includes science, math, sports, music and language as well as teaching about health and self-care.  The teachers will also introduce kids to Christ through Bible education.

•    Pray for God to supply the volunteers and donations needed to support this ministry.
•    Pray for Kristy as she gives herself to the work of the Lord in serving the people of the Dominican Republic.