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Aventura de Ninos Excepcionales

April 20, 2012 Journal
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The following journal was written by Rachel Schei, a mission volunteer.

 Annual Adventura de Niños Excepcionales. It was a wonderful week of fun learning and new experiences for our campers and our team alike. This year a team of 7 occupational therapy students planned and executed a week of day camp for 9 kids with special needs.

The week included activities based on themes such as friendship, ‘letters & numbers’, animals, fiesta, and water. The campers had fun participating in obstacle courses, playing with water balloons, making masks, bubbles and so much more. Each day of camp included; circle time, craft time, gross motor games, focused one on one time with a leader, snack time, & play ground breaks. During the week our campers learned and practiced skills like taking turns, encouraging friends, recognizing and writing their names, following directions, making good choices, and manners.

We had all eight of our previous campers return again this year. Then Tuesday we had the blessing of a new camper joining our group. It was so much fun to be able to met Martha this year and get to know our newest camper. She is a fun loving young lady with lots of energy, a great smile a love of music, and wonderful addition to our camp group. We thank the Lord that she was able to join us this year.

All 7 of the team members are 1st year students in their Occupational Therapy programs; 3 were from the University of MN –Twin Cities campus, 3 from the University of MN – Rochester campus and 1 from the College of St. Scholastic campus. These ladies did a great job coming up with fun, exciting, creative and at times challenging projects and activities for our campers.

     During our time in Honduras we were also able to explore some of the area during our free afternoons. The team took an afternoon bus trip to Entrada de Copan for a little sightseeing, shopping and a stop a local coffee shop on the way back to the children’s home. They also enjoyed the local culture and experiencing a Honduran transportation experience on our visit to La Laguna, a nearby mountain community. One of our teams’ highlights during the week was an exciting water fight between our team and the children. It started out as water balloon toss that quickly turned into a drenching water fight around the pila – laughs and giggles could be heard all around.

As always on our visit to Ministerios de Fe Vida Neuva, we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality, fellowship and generosity of our hosts. As stated by one of our team members “Most wonderful experience with children I‘ve ever had. Very happy, beautiful, and enriching week. Dago and Dilia are so full of kindness.” Blessing and muchas gracias to Dago, Dilia, Alex & Marianna for all the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into each day of hosting your guests.

Rachel Schei