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Good news from Puerto Rico

April 16, 2012 Journal

I want to share something to celebrate after I preached in Puerto Rico. I want to remind you that during Holy Week in Puerto Rico church services are held daily. Generally, each church has someone preaching every night. On Sunday and Friday there are two services. The church that invited me to give me an honorarium for preaching; but before they did this I told them the most important thing was the World Mission Offering.  Since in 2011 they had not contributed as much as they had in the past. The last day that I preached they surprised me with a check in the amount of $1,000.00 for the World Mission Offering, which will be divided among eight missionaries who came from the Baptist Churches of Puerto Rico:

 Mayra Giovanetti        $120.00

Carlos Bonilla             $120.00

Deliris Carrión             $120.00

Madeline Flores          $120.00

Mercy González          $120.00

Doris Mayol                $120.00

Ricardo Mayol            $120.00

Ingrid Roldán             $120.00

 I thank God for having allowed me to be in Puerto Rico during Holy Week. It did me a lot of good, spiritually.