International Ministries

Pray for Dagoberto and Dilia Zelaya, ministering for Jesus among orphans in Honduras.

April 11, 2012 PrayerCall
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Dagoberto and Dilia are responsible for developing and supervising the Fe Vida Nueva (New Life Faith) children’s home program in Azacualpa, Honduras. They provide for all the children’s basic needs such as food, education, health, and spiritual. This allows Dagoberto and Dilia to minister to the holistic development of the children. Also, they work in the Iglesia Vida Nueva (New Life Church) collaborating with the associate pastors as well as providing supervision of the ministry.

One member of a visiting team from the U.S. writes: Our experience at the Home was incredible as are the kids there.  We are thankful for Dago & Dilia being missionaries in Azacualpa and the love they show to not only to the kids, but also to groups that come there.  Once again, we feel as we came to Azacualpa to minister to people, that we were the ones ministered to.


·         Pray for Dagoberto and Zelaya as they minister to the children of the Fe Vida Nueva children’s home in Honduras.

·         Pray for the effectiveness and the spiritual blessing of the teams that go to Honduras from the United States to minister,