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Pray for Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti, discerning God’s leading for the next step of service.

April 11, 2012 PrayerCall
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Carlos and Mayra have been ministering in Spain for almost two years. Recently they were denied an extension of their resident permit and have had to leave the country. They are now waiting upon the Lord and seeking Him will for the next step in their missionary service.


They write: As we meditate on Jesus’ sacrifice to provide us eternal life with Him, we get ready to move out of Spain. Yes, sometimes His ways seem blurry or confusing. Yet, we are confident that our resident permits’ extension being denied is exactly what the Lord is allowing to happen, even when we do not know the reason. We know that God is in control and His plans for our lives are to be fulfilled in the midst of this turn of events.

Leaving Spain after 22 months of service is not an easy task. We have new friends and family and we do not know when we will see them again. We have projects that are in progress. We have plans. Yet, an important part of missionary life (and of Christian life, for that matter) is to be obedient when things don’t necessarily make sense in our own point of view. …

Psalm 16 encourages us as we trust the Lord and take refuge in Him during this transition. He is holding us by His right hand and filling us with joy in His presence. Even as we served last in Lorca, two out of the three women who made commitments of faith were from the Women’s Shelter that you are supporting and for whom we are raising support for their prefab module wood house. God is working through this ministry and many are coming to His cross for restoration to abundant lives and overflowing rivers of joy that only come from His abundant love shown during that week; that week when Jesus showed us His ways of obedience, submission, and sacrifice.

As we arrive in the States, where we’ll continue discerning His plans and ways for our lives, we are grateful you accompany us with your prayers, your encouragement, and your gifts that allow us to continue serving anywhere He sends us. Your continued support of the ministry in Lorca as our next steps are discerned, are an encouragement in itself. We will keep you posted as God reveals to us His ways and what He expects next from us…

Yes, Jesus suffered and died. But, most importantly, Jesus rose again, showing us His way to eternal life with Him… Therefore we can trust His fulfilling His promises to us. We count it a blessing to be given the opportunity to serve Him, trusting Him when our ways get twitched. Yes, in God we trust.

·         Pray for Carlos and Mayra and their family as they return to the United States in transition to their next missionary assignment.

·         Pray for God to continue to bless the ministry for Christ in Spain.

Pray for wisdom for them as they seek God’s will for their continuing service for Christ and the Kingdom.