International Ministries

Pray for Jan and Larry Martin, planting churches shaped to the culture of rural Thailand.

April 4, 2012 PrayerCall
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Jan and Larry have a rural-based ministry in a small town in Northern Thailand. The population of this town is almost 100 percent Buddhist. There is a small and growing Christian group there that the Martins help to nurture through fellowship, praise, preaching and teaching. Their desire is to reach out and serve their community.  The Martins are involved in the lives of the people to whom they minister in as many ways as possible and use the relationships they build to witness to the love of Jesus Christ.

They write: Here we are moving into the hottest time of the year.  We hit 104 degrees a few weeks back, but since then it has cooled to a more palatable 100 degrees.  This is the time of year we get up early and do “desk” work.  The fields are now dry and vacant, waiting for the rains to come so they can be planted with rice and corn.  Our farmer friends are working but at a slower pace, and the school year is over.

Same, same but different

Yes, they are both chicken eggs, maybe from the one chicken, but they are different.    It may be a bit like your church and ours being different.  They both serve the same function of bringing people closer to God, but they look different.  Our service is on Saturday evening at 7:00.  Yours is most certainly bigger. But we suspect there are other differences too.  As we hand over the leadership of the church to national leaders, they are changing things a little.  We still sit on the floor in a circle to worship, and we still chant, but we are now doing a lot of “repeat after me” on the readings and chants to further help those who can’t read participate more fully.  We still go over and teach on occasion and take the opportunity to teach some of the local kids about Jesus at a different venue.


The second fellowship is different also.  It meets on Monday evenings at 8 p.m.  The group is very chatty and likes to talk about almost anything.  Long is the main teacher, with Lamoot giving assistance.  Anna goes over occasionally to support and encourage.


The third fellowship is one couple that Larry teaches on a weekly basis.  Occasionally others drop in and listen to the stories and ask to be prayed for: all different, but worshiping God and bringing people closer to Him. (By the way, the eggs are from an income-generating project.  Normally they weigh in at 2-2.3 ounces, but the big one is a massive 3.5 ounces! I guess that makes it a heavyweight!)


Prayer Points

·        Praise God for the church of God and its diversity. 

·        Praise God for Nuek and Long and their sensitivity to the needs of their people.  Pray for them as they develop in their new role.

·        Praise God for the encouragement the moms of the kids with disabilities have received, and pray for them as they care for their children.

·        Pray, too, that they will see something of Jesus as we visit and encourage.

·        Pray for Thailand and safety in travel in this month.  Hundreds of people die in road accidents each year as people travel for the Songkrarn holidays.  It is also a time of parties and blessing. 

·        Pray that we will be channels of God’s blessing.