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March in Thailand

April 2, 2012 Journal
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Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation (IMEMF)

Prayer and Praise for March, 2012


If you are from the Midwest in the USA where I grew up, March can be a dreary month of gray days not yet warming up for Spring, without many bright spots.  How different is March in Thailand—because this is the month of celebration and thanksgiving.  Schools finish, and this year, we celebrate 3 graduates at the House of Love.  With education one of our primary goals, this is indeed a time for rejoicing and giving thanks!  For the House of Blessing—our bright spot is seeing 12 youngsters graduating, ready to start attending Thai schools.  And March also marks the official opening of the new building in Mae Sariang—and what a wonderful celebration that was.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support that make this one of the brightest months of the year!


Praise and Prayer Points:

·         I hope you enjoy the pictures for the opening of the new building for the Center for the Development of People with Disabilities (CDPD).  On March 15th, we were honored to have guests from Finland, Japan, Australia and of course Thailand attend a wonderful time of celebration and thanksgiving. 

·         The House of Love (HOL) students have finished their school year in a flurry of end-of-the-year projects and requirements, and the kids are now looking forward to a school break that includes time to visit relatives for many of them.  Please be praying for the many arrangements our staff has to do to make these visits possible. 

·         We will also be welcoming a team of 15 from the US who will be accompanying us to the beach, a trip they are sponsoring for the HOL in early April—pray for all those details to come together.

·         Not everyone gets a school break—three of our students are starting internships, and I know Da, Ajai, and Ahtu would appreciate prayer for a good learning experience. 

·         Praise God—Daw Song has (finally!!) received her citizenship ID.  What a long process, and we are grateful she now has this important documentation that will enable her to live and work here with more opportunities.  Please continue to pray we can also get this same documentation for her sister Duan. 

·         The House of Blessing (HOB) has had a record number of students this past year, and we are so grateful for the ministry of our staff to these young ethnic minority children on a daily basis—praise God for our teachers, Kanchana, Rae, and Kay and our cook, Wilai. 

·         I want to thank you for coming alongside me in prayer, because March is an especially busy month for me with many visitors and activities.  This is all good—but it is a demanding schedule leaving little time for rest, and I would appreciate your prayers for good health, safety with all the travels, and a sense of joy as I attend so many events during this month of celebration.