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Growing churches in México

April 2, 2012 Journal
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Mexico City
February 15, 2012

Dear Friends,  

The world can’t end in 2012!!!...there is just too much work to be done for 
Jesus.  Here in Mexico, there is a great hunger among God’s people to study the Word and make a difference in their communities.  The churches of CICEM and the extension programs of the Baptist Seminary are growing even as we receive new invitations to serve in new places.  

Seminary students travel each weekend to serve in both urban and rural ministries.  Seminary staff is likewise constantly on the go as most of our students don’t come to us…we go to them!  Ministry in Christ’s name calls on people to put themselves “In Love’s Way”…places and circumstances where they are in danger of being used by God. 

  One of our seminary students in Chiapas, Eleazar Perez, went to Chacacal to help women begin a kitchen garden project and the men ask for his help in developing a fish pond project to raise mojarra.  Now he’s learning about fish as well as vegetables.  Last Sunday, at a church in Chimalhuacan, I was asked for help in starting a ministry for youth in the church and neighborhood.  Our students are working in evangelism, children’s ministry, youth ministry and community health programs.  Ramona is working with leaders in the Theological Community and Baptist Seminary to develop a Chaplaincy ministry both to the seminary community and our neighbor, the national university UNAM.  

One of our great joys this year is to know that God has called a family to come and join us in Southern Mexico.  The Myers, from West Virginia, are in their final months of developing their Support Network.  They visited in November and fell in love with Mexico and Mexico fell in love with them.  Please pray that they will quickly be ready for language and culture learning because we already have a to-do list for them.  Join us in praying that their support will soon be committed and they can leave beautiful WV and come to wonderful Mexico.  And even as the Myers are on their way we are praying for another missionary or missionary couple because there is so much to do.  So pray with us, for our students, the Baptist Seminary staff, the churches of CICEM.  Pray for church construction projects in San Juan Cote, Huacapa, Zongozotla and Maravillas and new ones on the drawing boards. Pray for Juan Daniel a 13-year-old struggling with drug addiction and his mom Dora.  Pray for leaders of our churches, women, youth and children.  A three state children’s ministry training campaign will get under way in March.   

For all that you do to help us do all that we can to respond to all of the opportunities.  

Our profound gratitude!   
    --Ramona & Chuck Shawver