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Life in Costa Rica, volunteer Sarah Nash

March 21, 2012 Journal

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.  1 Thessalonians 2:8

Dear family and friends,

It is hard to believe that I am just 5 weeks away from graduating from my year long language study at the Spanish Language Institute. This year has been a great adventure! I hope that you all have been staying up to date with my blogs and Facebook updates to hear all about my Life in Costa Rica. :) I am so thankful for Skype and Facebook to keep in contact with you all!

As I have said in many of my blogs in the past that this year had not only been learning a second language, I have also been learning more about myself and what God wants for my life. I have come to find that being able to speak, read and write in Spanish has been just an added bonus to what God has been doing in my life and the lessons that He has taught me during my time here. I don't ever remember a time in my life in the States where I really had to rely on God and to trust Him. I remember when I was preparing to make the move to Costa Rica I prayed for God to lead me where He wants me to be and that I gave all the control over to Him...easier said than done! I have struggled with wanting to just take a little by little of those words back and to have control. Especially when it comes to knowing where I'm going after graduation. This has been a huge struggle for me! After all I am human and as humans we want to have control, because if you don't know the direction we're just wandering. But God has been reminding me with little whispers and with great mentors that are in my life to help me remember that God is God and we are not and that He is in control and to continue to seek Him. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7 (NIV)  I like how the Message puts it: "Don't bargain with God. Be direct. Ask for what you need." Last month my school was blessed during our Spiritual Emphasis week. Our speaker was Pastor from a missionary couple's home church in Montana, he came and preached a series on Elijah. I was really blessed by this week and it was just what I needed spiritually. The series was about how God calls ordinary people like, Elijah, to do the extraordinary. During the week I had time to reflect on God's calling in my life and pray more for discernment.

In May I will be going to the Call Retreat and World Mission Conference at Green Lake, thanks to the support and scholarships I have received to make this possible. I am very excited for this awesome opportunity and very overwhelmed by the generosity from people and ministries to make this a reality. Muchísimo gracias!! Thank you very much!!

I have been working with our children and youth ministry at my church. I have been planning youth activities and youth group nights with the Pastors. Over the next few weeks and months I will be working with various mission groups from International Ministries that will be doing work in different churches around Costa Rica. I will help with translation with the Baits. After graduation I plan on making more weekly visits to some women in Aserri, and help with the bible studies Wednesday's in San Marcos at the mission church. Along with planning our own Aserri to Washington mission trip exchange. They are in the process for applying for visas!

During this year my main focus was to learn Spanish and the Latin culture in order to continue building relationships with the congregation in Aserrí.  Studying and doing homework has taken up a lot of my spare time and not leaving much time for ministry except for the weekends. God has given me a desire to continue ministry here after graduation next month. During my year of preparation of support raising I had ask people to support me from April 2011 to April 2012. I was overwhelmed by God's provision and the support that was given to make this year of learning Spanish and work on the mission field possible. I am asking for your support and partnership.  I pray that you prayerfully consider to continue or begin partnering with me monthly to be in full time ministry in Costa Rica until the Fall of 2012. To make that possible I need 10 people to commit to give $30 and 5 people to commit to give $50 a month. Your donation will pay for my living expenses, ground transportation, ministry costs and emergencies.

Monthly Expenses:

Living Expenses=$425

Ground transportation=$50

Emergencies= $50

Ministry costs=$25

If you decided to send a donation please contact me by email: to let me know if you are willing to give monthly or a one time gift. Please contact me if you have any other questions about the ministry I am involved in.

All donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to my home church in Olympia, WA.

First Baptist Church of Olympia

P.O. Box 533

Olympia, WA 98507.

Please write checks out to First Baptist Church of Olympia, in the memo line write Sarah Jean Nash - Costa Rica, and your donation will be given to me to serve in Costa Rica.

The reason why there is an end date to donations is because I am in the process of applying to Seattle Pacific University to go back to school and receive a Bachelors in Theology with a concentration in Urban and Global Ministry to prepare me for full time mission work in the future. This decision I have been faithfully praying about and seeking advice from friends and mentors this past year, and at this moment I feel this is where God is leading. I am just praying for doors to open.

I will really appreciate your prayers and your support for me to continue to live out my call to missions and serving in the mission field. Please pray for me as I continue to seek God's direction for my life.


Sarah Jean

You can read all about Sarah's Costa Rica experience at her blog