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Global Day of Prayer for Burma

March 5, 2012 Journal
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We wanted you all to be aware that this coming Sunday, March 11 Christians Concerned for Burma is calling for the annual Global Day of Prayer for Burma.  Please encourage your church to give a special prayer focus to Burma on Sunday and make a special effort to pray for Burma individually. 

While there have been some encouraging signs from within Burma in recent months, it is not clear if these changes will remain in place long term.  Also, attacks continue on ethnic minorities, particularly now in Kachin state and hundreds of thousands, perhaps up to a million people still live in hiding within the country. Additionally, numbers living in the refugee camps in Thailand remain the same while funding issues have required reductions in the food allotment.  The recent fire in the Umpiem camp will also produce further strain on budgets as well as cause additional hardship on the people.

Go to the Christians Concerned for Burma web site at to download a booklet explaining the situation within the country.  The booklet is available in a number of languages including English, Burmese and Karen.

In Christ,

Duane & Marcia