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May 2012 International Leaders

February 28, 2012 Page


Rev. Zhenren WANG
Chair of the Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) in Hubei Province and Principal of Zhongnan Theological Seminary

Zhenren Wang is the Principal of Zhongnan Theological Seminary.  Students come from over 10 provinces in central south China to attend this regional seminary.  Zhenren teaches Christian Worship and the book of Revelation. More recently, he also serves an English speaking service at Hubei Christian Thanksgiving Church to reach the university students. His wife is the chaplain of Zhongnan Theological Seminary. Their daughter is studying linguistics at Stockholm University in Sweden.

Rev. Shuilian (Sarah) ZHANG
Vice-Chair and General Secretary of the Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) in Hubei Province

Shuilian Zhang is a professor at Zhongnan Theological Seminary where she has taught Old Testament over twenty years. She is vice-chair and General Secretary of Hubei Christian Churches Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) Committee. She is also serving Hubei Christian Thanksgiving Church, especially doing counseling for young people. Her husband is an engineer and their daughter is studying at Central University for Nationalities in Beijing.

Rev. Zhiguo ZHU
President of the Hubei Christian Council

Zhiguo Zhu is the President of Hubei Christian Council. He often travels to visit churches cross Hubei province in China, where he preaches and helps the local church ministries.  He also teaches church administration at Zhongnan Theological Seminary. His wife is also a pastor serving Optical Valley church. Their daughter is studying at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in Wuhan.


Rev. Jules Casseus
President of the North Haiti Christian University (L'Universite Chretienne du Nord d'Haiti - UCNH)

Jules Casséus is a native Haitian and son of a Baptist minister.  He is the president of Université Chrétienne du Nord d’Haiti (UCNH). He is the former president of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Haiti and former Dean of the School of Theology of UCNH.  Jules has written more than 30 books dealing with a variety of topics, such as theology, ethics, Bible history, and church and society. He served as vice-president and counselor to the Baptist Convention of Haiti. He has been a participant in seminars and conferences in the Caribbean and Central America, as well as in Canada, Paraguay, Israel, Egypt and the United States. Jules is currently a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ Presidents’ Association and a new member of the Baptist World Alliance Commission on Theological Education and Spiritual Formation.  He serves as associate pastor at the Baptist Church of Haut-Limbé, Haiti.  Jules likes to relax at the computer, chat with friends, be outdoors, garden, read, and write. He is married to Laurel Elaine Heneise and they have two adult children.

Mrs. Laurel Heneise Casseus
Acting Dean of the School of Fine Arts at North Haiti Christian University (UCNH)

Laurel was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the daughter of former American Baptist missionaries to Haiti, Drs. Harold and Ivah Heneise.  Founder of the School of Fine Arts at UCNH, Laurel teaches primarily Worship Leadership, History of Music in Worship, Foundations in Classical Music, Harmony I and II, Drawing, and private piano. The shortage of professors in the School of Fine Arts has required that she teach many other classes as well over the course of the last 10 years. She is currently finishing her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree through Azusa Pacific University. In 1977 Laurel founded the North Haiti Music Camp to offer a place for church musicians to be refreshed as they learned new skills, gained new resources, and participated in musical and leadership training and experiences with other musicians. NHMC has broadened into an arts camp for children as well as the continuing music camp for youth and adults.  Her passion has been to be a part of helping young people in Haiti discover their creative gifts, see God in unexpected places and in the ‘unlovely’ things, events, and people around them, challenge them to be part of restoring the beauty of the Kingdom of God, and be a conduit for God’s creative beauty no matter where they/we are. She has an increasing desire to see healing through the arts in Haiti. She would like to find a way for her students to participate in healing through the arts through training and the use of their training to help rebuild their nation.  Laurel likes to read, work with flowers, bake and cook special things, do puzzles, be outdoors, practice, and be with family. She and Jules have been married for 38 years.


Dr. Imotemjen Aier
Mission consultant to IM for India

Rev. Dr. K. Imotemjen Aier  is a native of Nagaland, India.  During his active ministries he served as a Bible School and High School teacher, an itinerant evangelist, the General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India( CBCNEI) and Chairman of the Baptist Council on World Mission(BCWM).  Imo has been the Vice President of the BWA, a missionary to the ABC, and was a missionary from International Ministries to the Bengal Orissa Bihar Baptist Convention in India.  After retiring, Imo is now a volunteer serving with International Ministries India Property Team as an attorney, looking after the welfare of the mission properties in the region of BOBBC , Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, India.

Mrs. Arenmongla Aier
Former mission consultant to IM for India

Mrs. Arenmongla (Arenla) Aier was a primary and middle school teacher.  She’s the mother of 3 adult children: Dr. Atula Aier, Lanu Aier (an engineer), and Bendang Aier (business).  Arenla is the grandmother of two children.  Together with Imo, she has been in the ministry for the last 49 years.  She is a former missionary to the ABCUSA and served as a missionary with International Ministries to the Bengal Orissa Bihar Baptist Convention (BOBBCA) in India from  1988-2000. 

Mr. Ramesh Kumar
Principal, Balasore Technical School

Mr. Kumar is a native of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.  He is a Hindu convert, who accepted Christ as his personal savior in 1978 after the death of his father.  Ramesh, an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, served with secular and mission organizations in north India until he became the principal of Balasore Technical School in 1997.  The school is a technical and vocational training institute, established by the American Baptist Mission.  Balasore is an institution of the Bengal Orissa Bihar Baptist Churches, a partner organization of American Baptist Churches.  Ramesh is also serving on the International Ministries India Property Team with Dr. Aier.  He is married to Chandra, a staff murse, and has 2 daughters - Shakhainah (14 years old) and Angeline (2 years old.)

Dr. A.K. Lama
General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches of North East India

Rev. Dr. A.K. Lama was raised in a Tibetan Buddhist family.  While he was studying science, he came in contact with some Christians students whose sincere love and witness attracted him to study the Bible.  For 2 years he studied the Word of God, but it was very difficult for him to embrace Christianity because of fear.  In his home state of Arunachal Pradesh in northesat India, Christianity is forbidden and conversion is punishable under the law.  He accepted Christ in 1983.  After graduation he served as a veterinary assistant surgeon for 5 1/2 years.  In 1990 he resigned and became a fulltime campus minister with the Union of Evangelical Students of India.  A.K. is a member of the BWA Commission on Theological Education and Leadership Development, and an executive member of the National Council of Churches in India.  He is married and has 3 children. 

Mr. A.J. Samuel
Director of Social and Economic Develoment Programs of the Baptist Convention of Telugu Baptist Churches

Mr. A. J. Samuel is a builder and real estate businessman.  He is serving on an honorary basis as Director fo Socio Economic Developoment  Projects of the Baptist Convention of Telugu Churches, the reformed Church body of the Telugu Baptist Churches in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.  The Baptist Convention of Telugu Churches (BCTC) is a partner organization of the American Baptist Churches.  He is also serving and helping with the International Ministries India Property team with his business knowledge and dealing with the legal issues.  He is married and has2 grandchildren. 


Dr. Olu Menjay
Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance

Rev. Dr. Menjay, the son of a Liberian pastor, is the President of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention, the oldest ecclesiastical body in Liberia. He also serves as Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), the largest protestant body in the world. He is the youngest to be elected to this post. Dr. Menjay also serves the BWA as the Chair of the Commission on Human Rights Advocacy of the BWA.   In 2005 he returned to Liberia to serve as the Chief Administrative Officer/Principal of the Ricks Institute.  Through his leadership, Ricks is becoming one of Liberia’s post-war success stories in education.


Mr. SP Kalaunee
Associate General Secretary of Human Development and Community Service

Shankar Prasad (SP) Kalaunee is the Associate General Secretary of Human Development and Community Service in Nepal.  He is currently studying for his PhD in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University in St. Davids, PA.  SP is getting connected with the Nepalese community here in the U.S. and has started ministering Bhutanese Nepalese in Pennsylvania. Human Development and Community Service (HDCS) is a Nepali nonprofit Christian organization working in health, education and the community development sectors.  Until November of last year, SP was working as the Acting Executive Director of HDCS.  He has also served as the principal of Somang Academy, and as the Academic Coordinator of the KEBHS College in Nepal.


Rev. Daniel Trusiewicz
Coordinator of the European Baptist Federation's Indigenous Mission Project

Daniel is a native of Poland, raised in a Baptist home.  At 16 he converted to Christ and was baptized at a Baptist youth summer camp.  He spent 5 years studying at the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Waraw and graduated with a Master of Theology.  He continued his studies at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Rueschlikon, Switzerland in 1982.  Daniel was ordained and assumed a pastorate in the Baptist Church of Kozalin where he ministered for 13 years.  Since 1992, he's been involved in the national evangelist ministry of the Baptist Union of Poland.  In 1996, he became the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Wroclaw and during his 8 years, helped it become the largest Baptist church in Poland.  In 2003, Daniel accepted the challenge and privilege of an international ministry for the European Baptist Federation.  He has coordinated the missionary project of facilitating the planting of new Baptist congregations in Europe and the Middle East.  The goal of this project is to help start new church by indigenous leaders.  He has also helped to design and direct the next generation leadership program which is based on mentoring and coaching young Baptist leaders who prepare for a fulltime ministry in the Baptist Union of Poland.  Daniel is married to Genia, and they have 3 children: Estera (26), Tomek (24) and Noemi (13).  


Dr. Angelene Naw
Professor of History and Intercultural Studies at Judson University in Illinois

Born and raised in Burma (Myanmar), Dr. Naw received her PhD from the University of Hawaii and is Professor of History and Intercultural Studies at Judson University where she has served since 2002.  Before immigrating to the United States, she taught at Rangoon University, Bassein College and Mandalay University, in addition to serving six years as Director of Hotels and Tourism in the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in Burma. She is the author of the book “Aung San and the Struggle for Burmese Independence” (Silkworm, 2001) and several other articles published in English and Burmese languages. Currently, she is working on a book entitled, “Christianity and the Mobility of the Karen People of Burma,” which is expected to be completed by the summer of 2012.

Pastor Ronald Charles Nunuk
Pastor of the Carson Chin Baptist Church, Carson, Wisconsin

Ronald is a Chin, born in the Chin State of Burma who moved to the United States in 2004. He is studying for a Master of Divinity degree at Central Baptist Theological Seminary’s Milwaukee branch. Ronald started his ministry as the pastor of the Milwaukee Chin Baptist Church in 2008 where he has served for four years. Ronald has been a member of the board for the American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin from 2008 – 2012. Currently, he is the pastor of the Carson Chin Baptist church in West Allis, Wisconsin. Ronald has used his experience working in Wisconsin and travels extensively to help former Chin refugees in other states form new Chin Baptist Churches, help these new churches find space to hold services and to help new Chin congregations connect with the ABCUSA