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Happy Presidents Day/Chin National Day/Judson Sailing Day

February 20, 2012 Journal
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We all know it is President's Day, but do we remember that exactly 200 hundred years ago Adoniram Judson left Salem Massachusetts on the trip that would eventually take him to Burma/Myanmar? How appropriate that today is also Chin National Day! Yesterday all 7 area Chin Baptist churches plus Chin from St. Joseph, MO came together to celebrate the 64th annual Chin National Day which commemorates the day the Chin people agreed they wanted democracy rather than the traditional hereditary system they formerly had. Part of the goal is unity among the Chin which is not easy with so many dialects and sub groups. One speaker pointed out yesterday that just among the Chin in Burma 142 languages/dialects are spoken! Praise God our presidents formed a country where we can celebrate who we are.