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February 11, 2012 Journal
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New Class at Theological School

Over the last several months we have been sharing the vision of equipping youth to be leaders in Southern Baja.  At the end of January, the Theological School of La Paz launched the class “Purpose Driven Youth Ministry” taught by American Baptist Missionary David Reed.  The hope of this class is to train leaders who will not only be Sunday School teachers and Youth Leaders, but also to sow the seeds for future Youth Ministers.

Casting a Vision

The class began by looking at Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  David laid the foundation for why it is important to have a vision of where God is leading you. When you become tired and discouraged, you hold on to this vision.  It is what guides you during those dark and confusing times.  Also, if you don’t know where you’re going, then you usually don’t get there very strategically, or sometimes you never reach the goal at all.

Blindfolded, but Working Together

To illustrate the importance of vision, David led the group in an exercise.  Everyone formed a circle and was then blindfolded.  A piece of rope was handed out, and everyone in the circle held on to it.  Then, these eight blindfolded people had to make a four-pointed star.  In less than ten minutes, they achieved this goal!  What did they learn?  They had to listen to each other.  A few people stepped forward to give specific directions of when to move, or when to stand still.  They had to continually work together, to have unity, to achieve their goal.  At times, the larger group had to concentrate on smaller groups to distill the vision.  All of this was then applied to youth ministry and how you can cast a vision with the kids in your church.

Why We’re Here

Why did these particular students sign up for this class?  Listen to their voices:

Miguel:  I want to know how to bring kids to Jesus, and how to keep them excited.

Patricia:  I want to transmit the passion of my faith to others.

Miriam:  I want to be better equipped for the children’s ministries in my church.

Sandra:  I want to teach others.

Arisabet & Jesús (married couple):  We want to model Christ.  So many people in the church talk Jesus or say they know Jesus, but they don’t live Jesus.  We want a dynamic model to share Jesus.

Lazario:  I’ve worked with young people for many years.  I’m not sure what God wants me to do next. I need direction.

Ruben:  I want to relate missions, culture, and values to kids.

Edith:  I want to learn and serve more.

The ages of these students ranges from 17 to 45.  Since this first class, two more students have joined their ranks!  Please pray for these young men and women.  Pray for David as their teacher.  These students have a purpose: to minister to youth in Southern Baja, to change their world for Jesus!

Your ambassadors in Mexico,
David & Joyce Reed