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February 8, 2012 Journal
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The following journal was written by members of a mission team from Minnesota.  

On January 13-21 the Fillmore Group of eleven had the privilege of spending the week at the Children’s Home.   Our week consisted of doing a VBS for the feeding program kids, ministering at three churches, doing food distribution and some light construction.  One of the highlights of our week was praying with a group of several children as they came forward to receive Jesus in their hearts.

We also went into a neighborhood to share the Gospel through giving out gospel tracts.  We pray this will plant seeds that will some day be harvested.

Our experience at the Home was incredible as are the kids there.  We are thankful for Dago & Dilia being missionaries in Azacualpa and the love they show to not only to the kids, but also to groups that come there.  Once again, we feel as we came to Azacualpa to minister to people, that we were the ones ministered to.

Thank you and God bless the Children’s Home, 

Dave O’Byrne for the Fillmore Group


The mission to Honduras goes down as one of the most amazing weeks ever in my book. The "please see-me" stare that the kids so often delivered with a heart melting smile and long enduring hug, will be with me for a long time to come. 

Life-Changing Moment: I had just finished silently praying over each of the children assigned to me in the VBS rojos (red) group, as we sang praise songs with all the kids. Not knowing what Dilia was about to do, she asked the children in Spanish to come forward if they wanted to commit to Christ. Not knowing what had been asked, Dave asked me to come forward and stand with the kids. I asked, "Why?" He said these are the kids that just accepted Jesus as their Savior. I was speechless, as 5 of the kids from the red group came forward.

As we delivered the kids home that day on the school bus, I looked out the window at a beat-down soccer field where 5 boys were playing. The smallest boy, maybe age 6, barefoot and wearing shabby clothes, saluted the bus full of joyful VBS kids with both hands held high with the middle finger extended. I looked at the girl next to me, pointed to the boy on the field, and held my hands together as a signal to pray. She nodded without any words spoken, as if she knew exactly what to do. In addition, we did. We prayed for that boy. This solidified the urgency in my heart to support the ongoing mission in Azacualpa.

Whether it be the orphanage for the "throw-away" kids, or the feeding program for Azacualpa's poorest children, or the outreach and education developments, the need remains. Let's see to that need as a community of servants. As James 2:14-26 reminds us, Let there be both faith and deeds.
Justin Gilbert---team member